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sherry7899 11-30-2006 04:19 PM

could my hair actually LIKE some sulfates?
Okay, I"m confused:

curly girl routine = over conditionioned, too soft hair with no curl definition

no sulfate shampoo= dry, tangly hair that has a weird rough texture

No Poo= some very good hair days, but too expensive to use all the time

What next? I've tried three different sulfate free shampoos-Burts Bees Raspberry Moisture, Paves, and Freeman...and some other brand from Whole Foods called EO.

Help! Any input would be appreciated? I'm guessing using shampoos with gentler sulfates? Please remind me which ones are less evil :lol: Maybe I should try some Nature's Gate, Jason or Aubrey Organics shampoo with low sulfates?


medusahair 11-30-2006 05:27 PM

Watch the no sulfates shampoos from teh health food stores, I know for sure Jason's has a cone in it. It makes my hair very tangly.

Activate makes a very good shampoo no cones and no harsh cleansers and it's pretty reasonable. I like creme of nature, it's cheap, found at walmart and not drying although some do find it is too conditioning. For the price it's worth a try though if you like No poo.

If you want a mild shampoo Elucence makes one, moisture balancing shampoo. You can buy it pretty cheap by the liter and a little goes a long

ETA: oh and yes your hair could like sulfates. Maybe they take off what weighs your hair down and lets the curls spring back up.

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-01-2006 03:34 AM

May I ask which COs/gels you used during your CG attempt? I'm convinced it's not the routine that doesn't work for some people but the products they choose, with the right ones for your hair type it should help it curl better. While some of us experience immediate success others have to try 2 or 3 times before getting it right so perhaps you could just start over with different products than the first time (and make sure to read the entire book again because of all the styling tips included).

three rivers curly 12-01-2006 07:34 AM

I had a very similar experience - and I tried CG 3 times. It is a shame, because I really like natural products - but low sulfate products turned me into a dry tangly mess as well.

I love sulfates. And because I use sulfates, I can use cones. My hair is decent most days instead of occasionally. I guess you have to pick your battles - at least I recycle the containers from my products! :D

juvjoy 12-01-2006 08:35 AM

threerivers: LOL! UR to funny :)


sherry7899 12-01-2006 10:02 AM


Thank you for your replies! I used shampoo this morning-V05 Blushin Apple gentle cleansing (great scent, btw) and my curls look much better. Go figure!

As far as Co-washes, I've used all the favorites-Suave Coconut, milk and honey and aloe...V05 Kiwi Lime, etc.

I may try Activate Shampoo. The only place I can get it is Ulta, and I'm staying out of there. I spend too much money whenever I go in there's a Sally's, Target, Kohls and Borders in the same shopping center, so it's dangerous for my Visa card :roll:

I've used CG friendly Suave and Aussie gels.

Thanks for your help-

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-02-2006 09:34 PM

Although it seems you've already made your choice, I decided to post again for the benefit of other "newbies" who wish to start out right. The following point is extremely important for succeeding at CG:

Despite all you may have heard, cheap COs like Suave & VO5 ARE NOT TRULY CG COMPATIBLE!!! Some people get lucky and have no problems but there are many variables to consider for that to happen and they include the type water you use, oiliness of scalp, type of hair/curl and whether hair is reasonably healthy or not.

The CG book outlines what to look for in a CO but the only thing most people remember is "to avoid 'cones", however, there's much more to choosing a good CO than that. None of those cheap COs contain oils and even thought the book doesn't directly say so essential oils are very helpful as many have cleansing and conditioning properties. That's why DevaCurl, DevaCare (of course!) and Jessicurl are among the best for CG, they contain those ingredients. I have said it here many times but I'll repeat it again: essential oils can help break down residue from some 'cones AND plastic resins present in styling products!

Suave COs specifically are waxy, which can make detangling difficult and cause build up, particularly where the water is harder. I started out with Suave (because I had 2 or 3 at home) and my results went from disappointing to downright horrid. I turned back to the book for help and realized I'd ignored the above basic guidelines in choosing a good CO. So I ran and purchased a bottle of Avalon Organics Lavender (which had 4 essential oils and jojoba oil) and the difference was as from night to day. I was lucky enough to find an inexpensive cholesterol treatment containing essential oils of tea tree and peppermint and 3 vegetable oils and I used it for washing saving the Avalon just for conditioning. Even though I tried and liked flaxseed gel I really didn't even need a gel to have well-defined, glossy, frizz-free curls (on colored hair) so for about a year those two COs and an oil moisturizer were all the products I used.

For those who don't know me, I first came to in April of '02 and was a regular until Dec. '04 and during that time witnessed how dozens of curlies turned their disappointment to success by switching COs. You won't hear from them because most of them never returned here once they achieved "hair bliss", only a few stayed to try to help newcomers.

So again, if the routine isn't working, take a look at your products, if they aren't right the routine CAN'T work right.

CurlyRedChic 12-02-2006 09:55 PM

Personally, I think that some hair just responds better to sulfates. However, it took me a long time to realize this. I tried the curly girl thing, I tried the sulfate free thing and I didn't use cheap products...I bought the entire Jessicurl line and when that didn't work tried the entire devacurl line. I was determined to make these products work. Devacurl worked at first, but after a while my hair got weighted down. While I loved the scent of Jessicurl products the oils were too much for my hair and my hair always got cotton ball frizz. I do better with a sulfate shampoo 3 times a week. My hair looks so much better now. It's all about finding a balance of what works for you. Good Luck!

medusahair 12-02-2006 10:32 PM

Avalon Organic Botanicals Conditioner, Lavender 11 oz.
Is this the name of the conditioner you like to use on your CG routine?

Perhaps you missed my post while answering the last one, we must have posted at the same time :)

The avalon organic botanicals conditioner, the lavendar one has these ingredients.

Certified organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender), calendula officinalis (calendula) and lonicera caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower extracts (aqueous), certified organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid, soyamidopropalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride, cyclopentasiloxane, emulsifying wax, beta-glucan (oat), certified organic orbignya oleifera (babassu) seed oil, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), bisabolol (chamomile), arginine (amino acid), babassuamadopropalkonium chloride, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium chloride, tocopherol (vitamin E), and certified organic lavandula

That cone would definitely make a big difference in how smooth hair is. I can't find an avalon one so far in the list that didn't have this cone or demithicone.

What EO do you use to take that off?

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-02-2006 10:36 PM


When your hair started to get weighed down it was trying to tell you it had been conditioned enough, not necessarily that the CG routine wasn't for you. I have fine hair and if my hair detangles well when I rinse it I do not apply any CO at all (I learned this from another curly, btw), spritzing with lavender spray gives it a fresh-washed scent. Also, it's a good idea to rotate COs after a while and/or when the seasons change.

However, the modified routine for wavies includes shampooing occasionally. A good hint is also to dilute the SLS shampoo in 3-4 parts warm water, they are pretty concentrated "as is" and they're better distributed this way (and also more economical).

In any case, there's much more to the routine than just not using shampoo - like the advice on how to handle our hair, how to style it, color it and cut it. :)

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-02-2006 11:40 PM

Because I have said it so many times before, I forgot to mention I used the ORIGINAL A.L., before that silicone was added; by looking at the list you posted here they changed/added other things too. I still have one bottle of the old one from the "stash" I bought when it was discontinued and I still like it a lot. I've been "studying" labels of other "natural" Cos out there and as of yet haven't seen one that I feel could be like A.L. so I've even been thinking of making my own.

My wash CO, Lustrasilk Cholesterol Treatment with Tea Tree Oil (which also had peppermint oil and 3 vegetable oils) was also changed, now it contains mineral oil, for which reason I can't buy either now.

However, I've recently used products with that 'cone (and others) and just do a vinegar rinse after a couple of times and haven't had need to shampoo.

It's just too bad the website where I got info about oils dissolving 'cones (and plastic resins) it's not up anymore because it would've been great if you could see for yourself why some oils work for this purpose. While I was using Lustrasilk I never clarified and I never had a problem with build-up of any kind. After reading that article I realized my lucky choice of that CO for washing had kept my hair build-up free.

dabadckgrl 12-03-2006 12:01 AM

I just purchased creme of nature and like it a lot. I got the body building one. I don't think it overly conditions my hair. I tried Paves and that was the worst stuff that I have ever put on my hair. :evil:

HalfWavyHalfCurly 12-03-2006 12:08 AM

Cream of Nature is a good alternative, it used to be very popular among curlies who shampoo a couple of years ago, especially the one with polydecylglucose (can't remember which one it is...).

sherry7899 12-03-2006 10:11 AM


Thank you everyone for your information and tips.

Halfwavy/halfcurly: Are there any conditioners from health food stores that you recommend for co-washing? I'm looking for something under eight dollars or so, such as Nature's Gate? I can't afford high end brands.
My hair is medium fine, a mixture of 3A/3B and a little dry. I don't usually have problems with tangling, and my hair is much less frizzy than it used to be.

Paves was also the worst product I've ever used on my hair. Luckily I was able to return it.

Creme of Nature: I haven't tried this yet-which type of conditioner do you recommend for co-wash? I don't think I need the body building type. Is there another kind available? Does anyone use the shampoo?

I have ordered a Jessicurl trial pack. I'll report back with results!

I wish the cheaper products worked well for me-oh, well....

Thank you so much!

medusahair 12-03-2006 12:11 PM

vinegar does nothing to get cones off my hair. It does balance my ph and make my hair curl up though.

dabadckgrl the regular one doesn't over condition my hair either. Nice to find something inexpensive that works

Sherry if your hair likes oils you'll be in heaven with JC. My hair isn't as oil friendly as some so it's a bit much for me but boy her TooShea makes a good DT for me. Happy experimenting! It's part of the fun :D

CelticCurls 12-03-2006 08:42 PM

Sherry, if No Poo works for you, you might just want to stick with it. I used it, alternating w/ V05 Kiwi from 02-04 (I've been around about as long as Half Wavy :lol: ) for the 2 yrs I did full CG. I have hair down the middle of my back, & I only need a tsp of the stuff. It's really quite economical compared to other products. One bottle used to last me 3 months.

I've now been modified-CGthe last 3 yrs; if you're ready to go non-sulphate poo (ie, betaine based usually), a whole world of products opens up for you. I use ABBA Creme Moist lately. It's not cheap, about the same as Devacurl, but an 8oz bottle lasts me 4 months and it's available everywhere, even here. I also really like Curl Junkie's two moisturizing, very gentle poos. Jessicurls Cleansing cream was less moisture for me. My far & away favorite is still Shikai Color Reflect, which I used to get at health stores, but now order online from bcuz their prices & shipping rates are so great. This stuff never dries out my hair and keeps my highlights bright.

I remember when CG first took this place by storm. The concepts did help many, but many of also found they were too extreme and inflexible and instead we just incorporated the ideas that worked for us into a modified version of CG, or simply just became more product aware & chose gentler 'poos. My looks far, far better since I began using non-sulfate poo sparingly & using amodimethicone more. Even the founder of CG embraced that one.

sherry7899 12-03-2006 09:34 PM

Celtic curls,

Thank you for your supportive post. I really appreciate it. I think what I need to do is figure out what works for my own hair. I just don't think strict curly girl works for my hair, and I can't afford to keep buying umpteen different products to figure out what works. I also don't want to spend so much time/energy on my hair...I just want to find a routine that works and stick with it. I'm tired of experimenting.

I do have some Abba shampoo-I think it's Creme Moist. I've seen Shikai at Whole Foods and Wegman's grocery store (lovely grocery store-they have tons of natural hair products)

How often do you use shampoo, and do you condition every day?


I don't know if my hair likes oils or not, but I'll be finding out! I'm eager to try Jessicurl. I'm sorry the products did not work for you. Thanks so much for your advice.

Pleae take care-

DrainClogger 12-03-2006 09:59 PM

I'm a wavy 2 like you...I've found that I need shampoo, but less often.....about once everyt 3-5 days and CO wash in bewteen. Sort of a modified CG that works for me.

SuZen 12-04-2006 08:19 AM

Sherry, that Pave shampoo has gotten almost universal boos from the curlies here. It is very drying, in spite of being non-sulfate. It may be that you just haven't found the right non-sulfate shampoo. If you don't mind ordering products, either Devacurl Low-Poo or Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream or Gentle Lather might be good for you. Or I would also recommend Activate.

sherry7899 12-04-2006 09:43 AM


Is there a big difference between Lo Poo and No Poo? I already have Devacurl No Poo. Should I try DevaCare (I have highlights) Lo Poo, even though my hair is dry? This is so confusing :D I apologize for asking the same questions more than once.

I did order a Jessicurl rich trial pack, which I can't wait to try.

I'll pick up Activate next time I'm at Ulta. None of the Rite Aid or Walgreens near me have it.

I wish I'd read reviews about Paves before I'd bought it.


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