Feel-good thread: Share your latest hair compliment!

Ditto redceltic: I got tons of compliments at the salon today! These professionals were trying to figure out how to get all the curls back like I came in w/ when they were finishing me up w/ the diffuser! ha ha!

Also, hubby said he really liked the color when I got home - yay!

Ooh, have you done new color pics yet?

ETA: nevermind, I found them!
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I love everyone's compliments they've had!! kimmyc, now that was really a compliment, especially coming from a guy!
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I got a compliment yesterday from my older cousin (who grew up with my mom). She said, "Your hair is so pretty with all those beautiful curls! You got your mother's curls!" Means a lot to me since mom had great hair.

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I was in a shop and one of the sales assistants sort of did a double take and asked:

SA: Is that your real hair

Me: Yep

SA: Wow it's beautiful!

Me: Thanks!

I love compliments. One's from strangers seem to have more to them than one's from people I know.
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Juvjoy - Your new color looks great!

I received a compliment this weekend. I was asked, "Is your hair naturally curly?" and then she said she loved it and wished her hair was curly instead of stick straight. Made my night.
I came out of the bathroom after diffusing today and my SO did a double take and said wow your hair is curly today

MY SO never notices so I must be having a fab hair day yay!
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We arrived at the in-laws' house for Thanksgiving and the first thing my MIL said to me was that she liked my hair. I just discovered my how wavy my hair is last spring so this was the first time any of my husband's family had seen me with my hair like that.
I got another compliment last night! I am so excited. She asked if I curl my hair or is it natural. I told her naturally curly and she said it looks great!

I'm excited because I started using a new shampoo, The Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo, and I wasn't sure I would get the same results as using Ouidad. So far I've received two compliments since switching shampoos.
Since I started CG again I get compliments on a regular basis! I can't even remeber the best one b/c It got lost in the shuffle in my mind. My kindergartners compliment me, other teachers, a woman I met a rite aid while picking up my hair vitamins! Oh that one was the best!! An African American was getting hair vitamins to regrow hair she lost b/c of stress, and she asked me a question about vitamins in general, so I asked why she was getting all these vitamins she told, and I told her what I take, so she bought like for different kinds of pills I take b/c she thought my hair looked so healthy! I loved it! ~~jax
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One of my H.S. student complimented my hair today.
She went on and on and on, while my head grew and
grew and grew!
I got to admit that it felt great!
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I had to find this thread because I'm so happy right now! A lot of you post how your mothers are disapproving of your curls, so I wasn't really sure what my parents would say. I haven't been down to see my family since wearing my hair curly. I e-mailed my mom a picture yesterday, and she wrote me back that my curls are beautiful! My sister thought I definitely used curlers, and even my dad (who has always been EXTREMELY critical of me) commented how good I looked.

I try so hard not to care what my parents think because it seems like every decision I make is a life-ruining mistake in their eyes. But it makes me feel so great that they were not only accepting, but actually complimented my new look!
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Yay Bailey!
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If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
My unhi-lited roots are all grown out and lately I never seem to get anything consistent with my hair (curls, waves, frizz at back), yet a couple days ago at a store the salesperson commented:

HER: "Is that your natural hair?"
ME: "uh...yes"
HER"Absolutely gorgeous!"

I respond with "I don't wake up like this that's forsure"....

And then she says to my boyfriend who's laughing at me
Her: "You should be proud of your g/f!"
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Some lady at my work came in and glanced at my hair, and went: "You have the wildest hair. I love it."

Then I complimented this lady on her hair, and she's like, "Right back at you!"

I felt loved.
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Today I let my hair air dry completely (which took about half of my school day, by the way ) and it dried into a bunch of cool chunky ringlets that kind of wrap around each other...I think it's because I used less gel. About 5 people told me my hair looked great!!
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I have new appreciation after reading these stories for my straight-haired mom. She just asked me to print out the photos I'd emailed her of the back & sides of my hair (to show her how long it's gotten in the year since I've seen her) so she can put them in the family album. I said, "You want to a pix of the back of my head in the album????" She said, "Of course! I love your hair. I have one of your sister (3A) too." OK, my family is weird, but you can't beat that kind of curl love!
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My mother actually called me today and said she wanted to let me know that my hair looked very nice when I saw her on Friday. My mother NEVER compliments me on my appearance, so I was in shock. I'm glad she said it over the phone-I wouldn't know how to control my facial expression in person. She also asked me if I "did my hair myself." I don't know what she meant...did she mean did I get it cut that day? I told her I did do it myself...thank you Jessicurl products

I'm so glad to see other getting positive feedback, especially from family members.

Well...I went to a hairdresser the other day...she actually cut my hair dry and used only CG friendly products in it. When she was combing it out with conditioner in it..she had another guy help her (I have a lot of hair) and they both commented on how gorgeous my hair was.

Then...my BF was at my place and I had just gotten out of the shower...my hair was still dripping....he told me I looked like a greek goddess...not sure if that was just cause I wasn't dressed yet..or what!lol But I think the whole package...curly hair included...are what prompted the comment. I couldn't stop smiling!!

Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.
I was standing in line to pick up lunch today and the woman behind me said, "I love your hair, is it a perm?" I thanked her and told her it was naturally curly and she said you are so lucky.

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