how to do curly messy bun or curly ponytail?

Usually in buns or ponytails, I somewhat brush my hair while I put it up, so it's straightish. I could just put it up without brushing, but I'm afraid then it would look TOO messy. How do you get your curls/waves to show in a ponytail or messy bun?
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I'm still new to this CG stuff, so ANY tips you could give me are appreciated.

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I usually turn my head upside down, and very gently finger comb or kind of finger-move my hair toward the place I want the ponytail/bun. Once I have it gathered, I straighten back up and fix any spots that look weird or bubbly by grabbing that individual curl and pulling it back a little tighter than the others. Sometimes I leave out a curl or 2 on purpose because it's cute Then I fasten, and done!

I would post a how-to video, but my hair is kinda on the short side to be able to do either style right now!
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I have a neat little gadget called a Magicbun (Scunci) that makes a messy bun super easy! I've had it for awhile so I don't know if they still make/sell them. You basically pull back a loose ponytail, wrap it around, fold it into a bun, then hook it.
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That bun is stuning Ab-star, I like how the dot in the middle makes it look like a flower
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That Magic bun looks fab! I have to be careful with buns and ponytails because my hair is so flat and I have nothing to frame my face. Sometimes they come out alright (ponytails more than buns) and sometimes I just don't care how it looks.

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