Shapes salon in Denver

Any curlies out there been to Shapes salon in Denver? Two of their stylists are listed as Deva-trained on the Devachan web site so I'm thinking of trying one. It's a 2+ hour drive from my home though, so I was hoping someone might have an experience to share. I already checked the CurlSalons section and it's not listed.

thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly

I've been "lurking" here for months but was compelled to register so I could respond to your question. I've had my hair cut twice at Shapes. I've been pleased both times. They cut dry, curl by curl, and use all Deva products. I believe that Richelle who is the owner is currently the only Deva trained stylist.
Wow - thanks so much for registering to answer my question! I was afraid I wouldn't get any response. I'm thinking about seeing if I can get an appointment next weekend. The Devachan site lists Richelle and Melodee as Deva trained. Who cut your hair and what type of hair do you have? Are they expensive?

Thanks again!
thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly

This is GREAT to hear. I moved to CO last year after living in NYC and having Carlos at Devachan cut my hair for more than 3 years. I haven't been to a salon since moving to CO because I didn't want my curls messed up. It's great to hear that I will be able to get the same cut in Denver. Thanks for posting!!
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-co-wash w/Devacurl No-Poo or Suave conditioner
-condition Deva One Condition or GVP Balm
-i never use a leave in
-style with KCCC or Angell or Devacurl Styling Cream
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You're welcome! Melodee is no longer working at Shapes, she did my hair in July and I loved it. I just had it done again in November and Richelle cut it, I like the way it turned out this time as well although it's a little different than when Melodee did it. I have very thick, dry hair, I think it's probably 3B. It's about $65 for a cut from Richelle. Good luck if you go, I think you'll like them. They are in a cute little neighborhood near Highlands.
Thick, dry 3B
It figures that Melodee's not there anymore since I read some great reviews of her on a website I found last night. I've never had anyone who really knew how to cut curly hair cut my hair, so I think I'll try Richelle. I don't suppose you know where Melodee went?

Thanks a lot for the info!
thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly

I don’t know where Melodee went, someone at Shapes said she’d gone back to teaching so I don’t know if she’s still cutting hair anywhere. She was great, I was sorry to hear she’d left. Richelle was good, I will definitely go back to her. The only issue I have with this cut vs. the one from Melodee is that the sides are longer than I like, not as many shorter pieces so a little less variation in the curl there. But I blame myself for that as I didn’t tell her that was what I wanted.
Thick, dry 3B
Thanks Denvercurl! I'm going to go ahead and make an appointment with Richelle. It's scary to try someone new - thanks for giving me the courage!
thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly

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