Help a beginner find the right products!

I've been blowing drying my hair straight for 15 years and am tired of it. I want to start wearing in natural and don't know where to begin with all the products. I was thinking about getting the curly girl book to help get me started.

My hair is not super curly but not just wavy either. It becomes greasy after 3 days of not washing. Does that mean i'm oily and need low poo or is it product buildup? I don't like stiff, crunchy curls at all. I like them to be soft. But i live in Atlanta Georgia so I need something to help me with the humidity.

Will you all please help me figure out which products to use?

Do I need a diffuser? satin pillow case? How many products?

Thank you all for all your help!!!
Hi, and welcome aboard. Where to begin? First, I think you need to determine what kind of hair you have. I know that I do not have fine hair, but I have hair that only responds to products for fine hair, so you need to experiment. See what kind of curls you have and what they respond best to. I don't have a satin pillowcase, and my curls are just fine. I only diffuse under extreme circumstances because I just don't like the way it makes my hair feel. As for the number of products you'll need, well, that too depends upon your hair. My current routine includes Curl Junkie's Conditioning Shampoo, Curl Keeper, and Curl Junkie's leave-in for fine hair. I just added in a product that my hairdresser was able to get for me, one of those you need a license to purchase products, because I wanted a tiny more hold and volume, so I can keep growing my hair longer, without worrying about the curls dragging.

So, the bottom line is that you need to do some research and experimenting, right now, so you can figure out what's going to work for you. We can all give advice, but as most curlies know, whatever your hair says, goes. Good luck with it all.
Yes I agree with DMarie. Two questions that would help me are what products are you using now and what hair type(s) are you (go to Curls411 under "types") TIA!
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Thanks! I looked at the hair types and it looks as though i'm a 3a or inbetween a 3a and 3b leaning more towards a.

As for the products I use right now it varies. Mostly pureology shampoo and conditioner, a straightening serum(different kinds), and I blow dry it straight and add pureology shine spray at the end.

When I do wear my hair curly which is only in the summer on super humid days I just spray in it John frieda's starlit waves or FF wave spray and B&B leave in conditioner. But my hair is really big when I wear it curly!

I'm just confused with all these products and my mail concern is staying away from anything that makes stiff crunchy curls. My curls look really limp and illdefined though.

i'm not sure what to start with? devacurl? curl keeper? jessicurl?

Thanks again!
If you're getting a lot of expansion and lack of definition, I'd start with a leave-in conditioner. It will give weight to the curls, help them form better, & reduce frizz & poofing. And then, if you want your curls to hold their shape, and especially if you live in a humid climate, you pretty much need gel. The leave-in condnr will prevent a lot of the crunchiness & keep your hair soft. My favorite is Garnier Fructis Leave-In. I use a stong hold gel like Biosilk or Herbal Essence Body Envy over that, & my hair is never crunchy. If you do get a little crunch, you just scrunch it out when your hair is completely dry.

I think I'd experiement with drugstore products until you get the hang of wearing your hair curly, which routines work for you, etc. If you want to order your products online, Devacurl is great and their gels are pretty soft hold. Jessicurl hasn't worked well for me, but the products are great quality. Also check laurabeth's just completed Condnr Chronicles for very in depth reviews of con'd that are easily available.

One technique you might want to try is applying the products (leave-in & gel) to hair that is still very wet. I apply them right inside the shower, before I wrap mhy hair in a towel. This really helps form curls, especially for 3B's & cuts frizz & drying time dramatically.
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The product that has made the most difference for me is leave in condtioner. I currently alternate between Curl Junkie Hibiscus Banana for fine hair and Curl Junkie Give 'em the Slip but I've used regular 'cone free conditioners in the past with good results too. My routine right now is shampoo about once a week with CJ Hibiscus shampoo or Activate..on other days cleanse with VO5 Kiwi and Lime conditioner or just water, use the CJ leave in, add a little Curl Keeper and a little CJ curl cream....all on very wet hair.

Good luck finding the right products,

Thanks girls! I'm so overwhelmed looking at all these products!

I had intended on going with Jessicurl stuff and then I found this site there are so many products!! Half the people like jessicurl and half deva curl! It doesn't help that i'm indecisive as it is!!

Anymore advice is greatly appreciated!!
I had the best luck when I used all Deva products (especially if you're planning on going CG). I love love love OneC for a conditioner and leave in. It made such a difference in my hair.
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Thanks everyone I'm going to place an order soon.
I want to recommend that you read the book "Curly Girl" - look it up in your local public library if you do not want to buy it. After all those years of "baking" your hair straight you should treat your hair with maximum TLC so it can develop all its great curl potential and "CG" gives you the best chance. Even if you choose not to follow the whole routine you will still learn many useful tips for getting great hair so it is worth the read.

You may have to ditch most or all of the products you have been using but it will be worth it. For the right start, if you can afford the DevaCurl (or Care) or Jessicurl try them, or go to a health food store and choose a CO with essential oils, jojoba oil and no silicones. Other than that, you will need a good clear gel and later on a good deep conditioner for occasional use.
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I agree that the Curly Girl book has lots of good info, & will certainly get you feeling the curl pride! But it doesn't work for lots of curlies, & if you feel like your hair gets greasy easily, then it might be difficult for you to go the 'no shampoo' route. Just don't be discouraged about going curly if the CG system doesn't work for you. There are lots of other routines to try, including just using gentler non-sulfate shampoo & fewer cones in your stylers. If you do still like to wear your hair straight sometimes, & that requires lots of 'cone serum for you to do, you won't be able to use the CG 'no shampoo' routine. Just some things to consider.
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