Blowout & makeup too

Well, I don't wear this much makeup this often. I at least look my age now.

I had a great blowout today so I thought I'd share. I do it 4-6 times a year, not often, but it's fun.

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Wow your hair is long! I love the makeup and hair combo, you look elegant, but I sure do love your curls too
It's a trip that your hair can be so straight since it's so curly usually
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I love your hair straight and I love it curly!

I recently had my hair blown out and flat ironed. Wow. I couldn't believe how long my hair was afterwards. lol.
Girl, you are stunning! So you think you look 18 in that pic?
pw - jack

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I love your hair and makeup. Your hair looks really healthy and long.
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Holy cow, I wouldn't have even recognized you! You look amazing! Not as amazing as with the curls, but still great!
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Thanks ladies!

thickandglossy - yeah it's weird how long our hair can really be!

Ab-star, HAHAHAH! No, I think I look younger with curls for some reason. I look more of my 37 years straight. Not "old" in a bad way, just older than when it's curly for some reason.

Odd, at that party tonight. While it was nice to get compliments on my hair, I got a couple that I should just get my hair relaxed because it looked so much better straight. I think that's part of why I don't straighten often. Those types of compliments sometimes feel traitorous to my "real" texture and curl. Yeah, I like it straight. It's a different look. But the curly me is more the real me, if that makes sense.
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So gorgeous!! But your curls are even more so!
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HEY! I found it! Duh me I LOOOOVE the color of your hair & the blowout does look nice. I absolutely love your curls though. I can't believe you can get it that straight since your hair is so curly!

You look very pretty in that pic
stunning! i couldnt do a blow out because my blonde highlights are put in randomly and are quite patchy. it looks entirely natural when curly but when straight looks really fake.

but after seeing this photo now i want to try a blow out! i love the big sweeping curl at the bottom - very hollywood glam! did you do it yourself?

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Well I *do* think you look 18! I would never EVER imagined you to be 37! (The first time you posted that my jaw dropped, I totally thought you were early twenties.) Not that there is anything wrong with just do NOT look it!
pw - jack

Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
Your hair looks beautiful both curly & straight.

How long did it take to blow dry it straight?

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Gorgeous much as I adore natural texture, it is fun to do a blowout in the salon every now and then.

Your lip color is especially great...natural ginger reds like you look stunning with those peach-pinks.

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As for the blowout, I didn't so it. I can;t manage to do my own blowout without looking like a parody of a garnier Fructis commercial..

I was getting my color done, and the stylist blew it out for me too. I sat in big rollers under a bonnet dryer. At about 80% dry, he used a big brush. He then used a big barrell curling iron on the lower 8 inches or so to smooth that out. he said that my hair proabbaly wouldn't react well to a flat iron, so he prefers a big curling iron for final smoothness. That sort of added the curls at the end too.

It took a little over 90 minutes for the straightening part.

Transpogue, as much as I wish that I was a natural ginger red, I'm a natural dirty blonde. I just get that color done. I love it though. I was a ginger kid and faded with age.

Ab-star, you rock. Thanks!
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Holy cow, you are so not 37!!! Maybe 27. I always assumed you were around my age, and I'm 24. I want to know all your beauty secrets!
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Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. ~ George Carlin
Thanks Bailey! I feel like I do look a little younger, but not that much younger, lol.

Part of it is just lucky genes because my mother has always looked younger than her age.

Part is because I wear SPF 50 with a UVA protector every day. I'm pasty, so I know that I can wrinkle easily. My aging shows more in increased pore size and more sensitive to redness/rosacea flares as I get older.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I didn't recognize you either. I like the makeup and the hair. I've never had a pro blowout, only one stylist offered to do it. It might be fun to try it once. I used to straighten somewhat years ago but it never looked very good. But I love my curls!

You look very young.

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