Should I ever use shampoo again?

Ok so its like 4 or 5 without shampoo, all I have been using is suave natural condtioner and tizz no frizz. Its looking softer and better I must say, im pretty sure when I get my hair cut shorter my hair will look really good. The problem is, right now it looks good.... but what about a month from now? Conditioners dont clean the hair right? I need something to clean my hair or am I wrong? My hair is very dry normally. What should I do? Thanks
Get the Curly Girl book - conditioners DO clean the hair, if you're using them right with massaging and all.

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As long as you used shampoo before you started and you don't use any cones or other junk then you won't need shampoo -unless you get very overconditioned.
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I think it really just depends on how your hair & scalp react to it over time. I tried to go on a shampoo free regimen a couple times and I'd always have to stop because my scalp would become very itchy and irritated and my hair would get build up (I use a lot of oil based products). A lot of people of made this switch successfully with no will know over time if it works or not, but if not, don't be afraid to try something else (such as using shampoo on scalp only).
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I think you should respond to the way your hair looks over time. I went completely without shampoo for over 2 months. My hair never got dirty or greasy. Eventually, it started getting over-conditioned, so I started shampooing every once in a while. Right now, it sounds like your hair is damaged and dry, so I'd stay clear of the harsh shampoos. Once you get your hair really healthy, you may need to shampoo every so often depending on your hair. Then again, you might not. Just listen to what your hair wants.
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The itching is normal, it's a sign your scalp is healing. If you ever decide to do CG again stop using the oil-based products, especially anything with mineral oil in it (it suffocates the skin/scalp anyway), and, if possible get a CO that contains essential oils from a health food store.
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I also think it's how your hair reacts over time. Some can survive on the CG method, whereas others get too limp and conditioned and need to shampoo.

Doing the CG thing for a while is a good way to repair you hair, and give it the full CG treatment before deciding if you want to keep it, or wean your way into an occasional shampooing schedule.

But in order to actually give CG a shot, you have to do it for at least a couple of months, or else you're not going to get accurate results.
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