Any ranst/raves for MOP-C System for 2's?

I had a hairstylist use this one me a long time ago and I loved the my hair looked pretty good. Was thinking maybe of looking around for one of those holiday trial-packs of this.....any thoughts?
2C in most weather, but in summertime I impersonate a 3 very very well!
I'm a big fan of MOP. I bought one of the gift sets that included the conditioner, shampoo, and reconstructing conditioner. I don't shampoo very often, but when I do I've found this to be a gentle one. The conditioner has worked great on my hair.

I've also tried the styling conditioner and I like it, but also found it to be heavy on my hair so it's something I wouldn't buy again.

I want to try their styling products next. Has anyone had any luck with these? I have a curly friend who loves the curl enhancing cream.
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Favorite Products:
Deva Curl: Angell, No-Poo
Jessicurl: confident coils & rockin ringlets
Wen conditioner
Modern Organic Products (MOP) Mixed Greens Conditioner (good):nice definition, encouraged curls, minimal frizz in cooler temps, but
not good in warmer temps (fluffiness in warmer temps)

Modern Organic Products (MOP) C-System Hydrating Conditioner Intensive Conditioning for medium to coarse hairment (fair): not enough moisture, coated sensation

MOP C-System Moisture Complex for Conditioning & Detangling (poor): all coating and no moisture
I've used the shampoo, conditioner and curl creme in the past. I liked the shampoo but thought it might be a bit drying, the condtioner was just okay and I loved the curl creme for quite awhile. I much prefer all the Curl Junkie products that I'm now using though.

I've used the shampoo, conditioner and curl creme too and really wasn't impressed. The poo and co were ok from memory but nothing special and I didn't repurchase. The creme was just dreadful, though I don't have much luck with cremes at the best of times. It left my hair feeling coated and stringy and certainly did nothing to help frizz and curl enhancement. I tried it again recently to see if I could get it to work (it was in my product graveyard) but it was still horrible. I threw it away, which I rarely do with products (esp. ones that cost me $30). Even if it had worked I don't think I could've stood the smell - revolting. My hair's 3a/b though so maybe you'd have better luck.
Late reply, sorry, but I have to post about my beloved Hydrating shampoo and Moisture complex conditioner. They are both sulfate, protein, and of course cone free. The shampoo is the gentlest, and I really like the conditioner after the shampoo. Maybe it would have received a better rating from LB if used after the hydrating shampoo (Yes, I'm usually skeptical about product lines which say they need to be used together, too, but...these two happen to work for me) Anyway, of course it's a YMMV thing, but for my fine hair, with or without my highlights, they are both HGs. And they smell good, too, not too strong like OneC can be (though I like that smell, I know some don't)
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MOP c-system hydrating poo & moisture complex

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