Anyone tried VO5 Naturals Fruitsation condish?

I eyeballed it today when I was in a semi dollar-type store (I'm not that lucky ) where they just stock items temporarily until they're gone. I've never seen any of the VO5 naturals line over here, but when I saw this one I scanned the ingredients list quickly and decided to grab a bottle. It was the only 'Naturals' one they had. We all know I'm a Suave Tropical Coconut girl, but since I don't see that being introduced over here anytime soon, I thought I might be temporarily converted to this stuff for co-washing purposes.

I googled it and found out that it's been discontinued, which is probably why this store was carrying it. Here it is. I'm slightly worried about the wheat germ oil, but I'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow anyway.
So has anyone else here ever tried it?
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Whoa, I've never even seen that. Sounds interesting. It sounds like it would smell good.
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I used to use it years ago, it smells great. I totally forgot about that scent. Wish I could get me hands on some. Hope is works good for you. It really smelled good!!

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