Curl keeper?

Is this a gel? leave in conditioner? What purpose does it actually serve and what products do I need to use with it?

3a I think
New to the curly girl routine!
Curl Keeper is neither a gel nor a leave-in conditioner, it is a frizz fighter that is usually used under another styler. It's like a silicone-free anti-frizz serum. Most people use it under a gel or cream styler because it doesn't have much hold on its own. However, there have been a few people on the board who have said that they can use CK all by itself and it does have enough hold for them.
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Thanks!! Can you recommend a gel or something for hold(non crunchy) that works well with curl keeper?

Thank you
A good non-crunchy gel to try might be Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. It has a soft hold. It should work with Curl Keeper.
Any gel I've ever tried has worked well with curl keeper. CK combined with re:coil and possibly a tiny bit of gel gives me ringlets/clumping and a lot of hold. CK isn't an oily type serum like the john frieda frizz ease or anything though. I use it on wet hair and it almost looks like it's a thick water.

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