Hair falls flat :(

Hi everyone,

So I've been conditioning more lately and going to try to ditch the 'poo and only use it for clarifying. Right now I'm using Suave naturals tropical coconut conditioner for washing and conditioning, and I have some leftover L'Oreal Vive for dry hair shampoo. (I think I might have to give up on Suave though b/c of the animal products.) So my only products I have right now are the above mentioned 'poo and conditioner, plus FOTE Aloe Vera gel, Studio Line from L'Oreal Pumping Curls mousse (I know, I know!), and I think some Aveda PUREfume anti-humectant pomade.

I woke up this morning with gorgeous ringlets. All I did was condition up really well, 'poo, rinse, then condition the ends. I gently squeezed the water out with a hand towel, my hair was still pretty wet. Then I went to bed.

However, after a few minutes my hair completely fell flat. I thought it was because I didn't have any product in to keep them, or maybe the conditioner is weighing down the curls? So I rinsed and conditioned, and added a LOT of gel while my hair was still wet and gently squeezed out the water with my towel. NO curls.

The same thing happened yesterday with the mousse. My hair is so cute when it dries from the shower, then it just falls flat. Am I using too much conditioner? Should I try a different product (like the pomade)? Does my hair have some sort of buildup that could be weighing it down? (My hair is a 2 (or a 3 just waiting to be set free), and generally fine to medium textured with some course hairs thrown in for fun.)

Any ideas?
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IM not really sure but IMO i would think it you had to much conditioner in it the curls wouldnt form at all. Maybe you need a gel with more hold
I don't know exactly what may be causing the falling flat, but I've got fine hair myself, and I find that the Suave conditioners are waay too heavy for my hair. Lately I've been using Down Under Naturals (green bottle with a koala on the front) for dry/damaged hair, and it has been working great. Its pretty light, and I usually leave about 10% of it in when I rinse, as a leave-in to prevent frizz. You should be able to find it at most drug or department stores, and as a bonus, it's really cheap, too.

For styling, I've been using Angell with a teensy bit of Set Me Up, and some Re:coil underneath, and I usually plop for a bit when the hair is about half dry for some added volume. HTH!
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Sounds to me like you need more hold. The conditioner may have something to do with it too, so you may want to cut back a bit. I know my curls fall completely flat unless I use a stylist product with a lot of hold.
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Yeah, the AVG by itself usually has little to no hold, it doesn't do diddly squat for me unless I add a few drops of honey and preferably use a diffuser.
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