Girls, I need your curly wisdom

Why is it that whenever I color my hair, I have the best hair the next day? Any frizz I have is gone, my hair is soft, uniform curls. Is there an ingredient in the hair color that makes my hair this way? This happens whenever I color. The brand doesn't seem to make a difference. Any thoughts?
The same thing used to happen to me actually. Sorry, I don't have any explanations, but I just thought it was an odd coincidence
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The conditioners that come with the hair color is really nice and thick (although I think there are usually a lot of cones in them)
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The conditioners that come with the hair color is really nice and thick (although I think there are usually a lot of cones in them)
Originally Posted by JolieCurls
JolieCurls could be onto something! Do you usually use cones? Maybe you should start
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I use cones occasionally, but I don't use the conditioner that comes with the hair color, just one of my multiple daily conditioners.
i agree . my hair always looks good with a coloring , no frizz just nice smooth curls. i just got a shine conditioning treatment over the weekend with color and my hair is so shiny that a few ppl have commented that my hair looks like glass like lol..
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Today's formulas either contain good conditioners built-in OR come with a packet of special conditioner (which I've often wished they'd sold separately!) so that may be why your hair feels so good, I've never had a bad color day either!
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Seems to me that Sally's sells one brand of the conditioner packets separately. Wish I could remember which one.

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