2a in need of product advice

Hi, I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am a 2a I have fine wavy hair that is shoulder length and I love to scrunch it and make it curly/more wavy any products you have found to be great for that? Shampoo, treatments, styling products, ect.?
Yay! Somebody like me!

For me, I've found going just about entirely shampoo-free has helped enormously - that alone really enhanced the wave in my hair. I do occasionally still use a sulfate-free shampoo on my hair , but that only amounts to about once a month - usually if I've gotten really dirty or used products that I don't normally use because of a fancy event or somesuch.

I usually use the same condish for CO washing and conditioning - Down Under Naturals. Its great, cause it's not too heavy, it's CG friendly, and its cheap. For a DT I'll either mix that with a bit of olive oil and leave it on, or use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.

My stylers tend to change around alot, but with the weather cooling off, I've been using DevaCurl Angell mixed with a touch of HE Set Me Up, layered over a bit of AG Re:coil. the Re:coil is a curl enhancer, and I find it's great especially for underneath, where the waves tend to get weighed down. Plus, plopping tends to help me to prevent flat top and boosts volume a bit too.

Feel free to ask for a bit of clarification if you're confused about any of what I've suggested - I know I threw an awful lot at you all at once.
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Thanks for the reply but I do need some clarification. You dont wash your hair at all? I dont think I could go shampoo free. Because I like to wear my hair curly and straight on different days right now I only shampoo every other day and if I wear it curly I skip the conditioner (it weights it down)also if I wear my hair curly for more than a few shampoos it gets really tangled and messy. I want hair like Giselle (victorias secret model). My hair is the same type as hers and if I had more length it would look the same but I dont have time to sit and curl it w/a curlng iron. I will look into the re-coil though thanks!
My hair is mostly 3a, but the underneath layer is nearly straight. I get great results from using Jessicurl Gelebration spray under my styling products. It really enhances the curl. Also, I plop, and diffuse a little, which also help.
Can anyone explain to me what the term plop means?
Can anyone explain to me what the term plop means?
Originally Posted by amiesdestiny
You turn your head upside down and lower your curls onto a towel or t-shirt, then wrap your head so that the curls are held in a big accordion scrunch. The best way to understand it is to watch the demonstration video on the Jessicurl website (she calls it "Plunking).

I will have to try that! Anyone tired any of her "light" products?
I use Aloeba as my daily conditioner, with a little Too Shea on the ends. On the rare occasions when I shampoo, I use Hair Cleansing Cream. I love Jessicurl products.

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