HEY LADIES! The Ultimate Dry Hair Panacae/Elixir/Etc.!

African Formula Super Grow Hair Gel [w/biotin and Placenta]

Smoothes and defines tight-dry tired brittle coils, curls and waves (and even twists and dreads!)

And it's a NATURAL product to boot!

It can be used over a liquid leave-in OR Alone; in place of one, the results are still great! Apply to damp or wet hair for maximum absorption. For very dry hair try using it over a rich oil like olive or jojoba applied to super damp hair.

Ingredients: Purified water, wild bee honey, coconut oil, west african shea butter, virgin olive oil, basil, safflower and peach oils; extracts of Peach Leaves, birch, coltsfoot, horsetail, Calendula blossoms, Rosemary, onion juice, vegetable protein, biotin, allantoin, Panthnol, glycerin, na-PCA, vitamins A, B, C & E, natural preservativres and vegetable aroma.

you can find it online at:


I highly suggest alternating/rotating it's as another option to RJML Cactus leave-in, it's THAT good!.

P.S. If anyone finds it somewhere for a cheaper price, please post the link or information.

happy holidays everyone!
where can you purchase this? Is it a drugstore product? I thought placenta was not good for you, or was that just an opinion?
can there be anything that's protein free?
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I cringed at the placenta as well, but then I tried it and (blushing shamefully) I Loooooved how defined my hair was!

The placenta actually has been known to encourage hair growth, but it was really really nice on the hair...

I know it has proteins, but since they're vegan, I decided to go for it.

I'm looking for other products that don't have the placenta, but so far this was the best... If I find or think of anything else, you know I'll be posting about it!

The only other thing I can think to try would be the IC gels (blue or sparkle-lites ones) or let's Jam hair Gel (green top) or if you have time to play around, making a honey hair serum at home or something...
can there be anything that's protein free?
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls

sigh, I feel your pain, redceltic.
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Umm...whose placenta is it? ETA. I don't see placenta in the ingredients list. Can you buy this in a brick and morter store?
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
It says placenta on the front of the jar, but it's prob listed in a hidden term in the list.. Maybe the Na-PCA??? That's the only thing that I didn't recognize and everything else is a vegan-ish extract or oil or whatever...so I figured that might be the placenta ingredient...

I'm not sure (what animal), I always thought they used cow placenta or something... but, I may be wrong .. Have to check that out with the company at some point...


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