Revolutionary New CG-Friendly Hair Cleansing Method!

Do an olive oil deep treatment. Your cat will be more than happy to lick it off for you.

(As an aside, if this method doesn't sound appealing to you, I'd suggest keeping your hair the hell away from your cat while you're doing an olive oil DT. )
Thats funny!

My cat licks my hand sometimes and that rough tongue feels weird. It probably would clean pretty well, LOL
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Hey, it works great for them. Besides, who wouldn't want their hair covered in cat spit?
I almost choked laughing when AJJ told us that she had to stop doing overnight DT's with a certain oil blend because her cat tried to eat her hair while she was sleeping.

Cats crack me up.
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Lol--my cat eats the mascara off my eyelashes. Feels pretty funky
3b I think

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Naa. My Cat just ignores me
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Yeah, cats seem to enjoy licking anything within their reach, as long as it annoys us.

I don't know... A cat that ignores you doesn't sound that bad. The other end of the spectrum is clingy and emotionally high maintenance. Guess which of those mine is.
I have two. Littermates. Male and female. I have one of each, clingy and emotionally high maintenance, and one that ignores me. ROFL
So, (sorry, still new to alot of these ideas) it's not a problem to coat your hair in oil, be it olive avocado or otherwise? I mean it just rinses out? I'm really leery about trying this as I am new to not using shampoo and would hate to have to poo out a head full of oil. I'd like to stay away from shampoo totally, barring some treatment gone wrong, like hair full of olive oil!! I need a deep treatment and dont want to spend much on it so if it works so be it. I think my hair hates protein btw.
Nah it washes out clean with just a cowash. I do it all the time.

On the plus side, all the olive oil would be a great aid to the cats hairballs!!
Lol this is too funny! One of my cats just LOVES coconut oil. I try to put it on my hair before bed and he always comes and starts licking the jar...and then one night he woke me up because he was lying down on my hair licking it! =)
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Both of mine LOVE coconut oil too. I keep a little glob of it in a bowel by their food because they love it and it's so good for their coats and digestion.

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