My hair cut experience with Ann Marie...

I was so excited to see this thread on Ann Marie. I have been going to her for about a year and half, and feel she is the best kept secret for curly hair in SLC, Utah!! Finally, a stylist with NC HAIR!!!

I first went to her after reading referrals from this site. I had just gotten my nc hair chemically straightened and hated it!! She babyed my hair while it grew out and she has done wonders to my curls. I have hated my hair for 49 years, and now I can say I am at peace with it, thanks to her. She is the first stylist where I love my hair after each appt. instead of having to head straight home to style it myself. (anyone relate??)

I am thrilled she is using the Deva line and studied in NYC with Lorraine. I love the Deva products, my hair has never been this healthy. She also uses some Aveda products on my hair like the Sap Moss for volume. She trys different methods in styling my hair, and will even email me new tips to try... how many stylist do that?!!! I love her and consider her a very good friend too. I wish I could post photos of my last cut and style, I will try to post some soon, I need help from my techno whiz kid.
Wow, I can't believe it! I can see her when I visit my mom in SLC this fall. My hometown. Site of some of the worst curly butchery hair cuts of my life. :x And the reason I didn't have my hair cut fo 6 whole years. Now I can wipe out all that trauma.
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