What style do you have now?

I'm looking for ideas... I have a heart shaped face and in July I had it cut chin length (again, and no I didn't cut it myself...I was a little scissor happy a few years ago-- I'm sure some of you remember my experience!)... I got a beveled bob. Since then I have been growing it out and it is right above my shoulder when it is straight. I still have my bangs.

I remember reading stories from some of you about when you were pregnant you had a full head of hair... and then after you gave birth you lost a bunch of it. My husband and I are considering having children in the next year or so, so I'm thinking I will grow it out until that day comes, and then chop it off so it won't look so thinned out. So thats my plan.

Hello everyone... its been awhile. Again!
3 b/c curls with bangs.
Hey, good to hear from you again, rubyloxx! I remember your bangs, they look very cute on you although they don't work for me!
Hey there! It's been awhile! You might look at juvjoy's pics for ideas. Her face is heart-shaped and her hair is shoulder length. Very nice. I think her style would look good on you, and I think it would work with your bangs too.

So, how've you been?

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