CO Bigelow Not Your Ordinary Daily Conditioner

I think my hair hates it! Or did I screw it up???

After reading the Conditioner Chronicles (THANKS LAURABETH!!) I went to B&BW and bought a bottle. I don't like the smell of coconut, so after discussing it with the sales person, I put about 2 oz into an empty jar and added some grapefruit and lime essential oils. Probably about 10 drops of oil, although the coconut scent was still dominant. This morning I did my normal routine--co-wash with Suave Aloe, conditioned/detangled with the Bigelow (it felt good on my hair and seemed to rinse out cleanly), honey final rinse, CJ HB fine leave-in, CK and gel. Plopped and scrunched as usual. Everything was the same as usual except the conditioner. I was looking forward to the clumpy, chunky curls Laurabeth got. I got fluffy, stringy hair with almost no definition! It feels soft, so I'm assuming it's overconditioned. I didn't leave it in very long. The only other times I got overconditioned was when I slept with conditioner in overnight (once with CJ HB Deep Fix and once with OneC).

Could it be the essential oils I added? I add them to my jojoba and coconut oils without any problem. My hair normally LOVES oil. I slather on jojoba oil at night a lot, even when I'm not washing or really wetting it the next day. And I often slather on coconut oil the night before I co-wash and it always rinses out fine.
I think your overconditioned. The CJ leave in seems to be very rich in oils, so it might be a bit too much.
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I think your overconditioned. The CJ leave in seems to be very rich in oils, so it might be a bit too much.
Originally Posted by angiecurls
I agree. This is a rich, wonderful conditioner. I'd hold off on adding the oils and use the leave-in, just in case the oils weren't emulsifying well with the Bigelow conditioner, and try it that way.

I had a few others test this conditioner before recommending it who had similar results, but we're all different, so we'll see. I would try the conditioner more traditionally, and maybe your results will improve.
BUT I'M SCARED TO! Alright, I'll probably try it again before deciding to return it, but if it was the essential oils causing the problem, I'm not sure I can deal with the VERY strong coconut scent.

Added some lemon juice to my co-wash this morning and conditioned with Elucence and my hair is back to normal. That overconditioned fluff is just so weird!
The coconut fragrance was very light after rinsed out of my hair.

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