Devabrown one conditioner on ebay by the case $19.99

Just wanted to let you know that there are now 9 cases (I bought one) of Devabrown one conditioner on ebay. They are $19.99 a case with $9.95 shipping. The seller also has "Make an offer" so you may be able to get it for less.

Deva Brown Chocolate Lust One Conditioner 12-Bottles

PS. Hope it's okay that I post this here. Sorry, if it's not allowed.
Thanks for the tip!! I just bought a case, too. A note to anyone else thinking of purchasing this: at one point in the listing it says the auction is for 12 bottles of "low poo"(but the title and description are for DevaBrown One Condition). I emailed the seller and s/he said that's wrong, and that it is for the conditioner.

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