I used 'cones. please don't vote me off the island...

I needed to use the cones to protect my ends against heat styling because I had to straighten my hair for some presentations I had to make. sorry girls, but straight hair wins the race in the professional world I live in.

What's the best way to clarify my hair at this point - Must I use sulfates? I assume NoPoo doesn't have the horsepower for it.
I also plan to deep condish post-clarifying.
thank you!
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Yes, but honestly...once in a while won't kill you. Plus, some of us have hair and/or scalps that like sulfates... Don't sweat it!
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During my first year or two I was almost "religious" about doing CG but when I had to travel to an even more humid climate than here (and no central a/c...) I had to use a styling cream with dimethicone, was the only thing that tamed frizz; still I probably only shampooed once (during the first week) and I was there for 6 weeks. I just used a white vinegar rinse each time I CO-washed (every other day) and didn't have any build up so I don't think one day of using them can be worse than that. My CO had essential oils though, the terpenes in many of them break down silicones and plastic resins from styling products.

This year I've been using silicones occasionally, it seems once I left my hair color on too long and my hair started to get frizzy and sometimes I wanted 2nd day hair and they helped. What I have done is rotate my COs and clarify if I'd used the 'cones 2 or 3 times in a given week.

However, I didn't like to hear that you had to straighten in order to maintain a prejudice in the "corporate world". The way I feel is that it'ss made up of people, just like you and me. and the only way they will get over that is to realize and accept that the majority of people are born with some wave or curl in their hair and there isn't anything wrong with that!
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Whenever I use cones or if I want to clarify, I use Suave Professionals Clarifying shampoo (it's pink) -- I think it does a good job of getting all the gunk out of my hair and giving it a clean slate.
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Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
Sometimes a regular sulfate shampoo with no cones in it will get the stuff out but to be real sure I use Suave Clarifying shampoo.

It's not like no one uses cones on here just the no cone people talk about ingredients more I think so we hear about the no cone people more.
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If you only used the cones once or twice, you'll probably be fine. The problem with cones is that they build up with continued use. That's when you need to clarify.
So if your hair is behaving normally just go back to your regular CG routine.

If you are having trouble with your hair, try the Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo ($6). I use it once in a while. The sulfate is way, way low on the ingredient list and all the other ingredients are CG. friendly.
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I use cones once every week or two when straightening my hair, in the exact way you did. my hair just goes back to normal right after though since they don't build up after one use!
thanks for all the input! I 'think' my hair has forgiven me of my crimes, as long as I promise not to make it a habit.
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No one's voting you off the curl island. But if you really want to confess your cone sins, probably the shampoo-less board is the most sympathetic place to unload your shame.
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