plopping? how to apply products ? hair is weird

Please help-
1) I am curious to know if there is a way to put your curls in the microfiber/ curlease- turban or towel without plopping ( the actually flipping over into the towel. Plopping makes my hair far to curly at the root but I like to put my hair in the towel (plop) because it keeps my hair out of the way for a while and speeds up the drying process. Is there a way to wear the turban differently so my hair wont be voluminous curly at the top? SHould I apply the products standing right side up? and not flip at all i feel like iam unsure how to do my hair lately its coming out very strange.

I have to put my hair in something after i put products in wet because i have to pop back in shower to wash conditioner off my body. But plopping is causing a lot of volume and curl at the root. Whats the best way directly out of the shower to apply products and style hair that gets too curly at the root specifically? Does anyone have this problem? (the front of my hair (the roots by my face are the MOST kinky curly ? doesnt match rest of hair)
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Just put the towel on your shoulders under your hair then pull the sides up and use a hair tie to hold it together at the top.
If I plop my hair down but only pull the sides back and clip it and leave the top loose it doesn't compress the top but it's out of the way so I can get dressed.

I can't help y ou with too curly though sorry!
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
Well that sounds like it would work i will try it thank you!
blonde/3a-3b - PJ!!
likes--cj hbdt, tress fx, arc angell, recoil, Ouidad DT, brhg
dana, I have the same problem you have! I like to plop because it helps my hair dry quicker but it makes my roots way too curly! I hate my hair that curly! Your have great hair btw! I love how smooth the top of your hair is. Can I ask what products you use? I'm evidently using the wrong ones because I don't want to enhance my curls even more. I have enough already!!

I'm going to try what medusahair recommended with the towel

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