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Csarac 12-07-2006 02:20 PM

Just when I thought I found an HG...
I have been using Wella Systems Professionals Hypercurl for months now and I love it even though it was not perfect. My only complaint was that it has 'cones in it (not a big deal since I was convinced I needed them to make my hair look good and I shampoo two or three times a week anyway) and it did not leave my hair as soft as when I was trying CG. Yet CG didn't work for me at all and again, I was convinced that the products I needed to use while on it were just not giving me the results I wanted (too soft, frizzy hair with no curl definition or volume).

On a whim I ordered a couple of samples from of the Curls products and OH MY GOD I am totally, completely in love with the Spiral Curls Cream. It's everything I have been looking for and it leaves my hair soft but not so soft that there is no hold or definition and shiny, however, I can totally run my fingers through it and it does not feel gummy or producty at all. I have great volume and my curls/waves look healthy and very nicely defined. Awesome!

(HAIR TYPE: 3 with a mix of curls and waves, coarse, thick, prone to frizz, damaged, good volume but the roots can be flat so I blow dry, no shine and when no products are used hardly any curl definition on the outer layer, med. size spirals in some places at the ends and underneath.)

I tried the Curls Souffle and it left my hair too soft - I will finish out the sample by using it on days I wear my hair up in a bun.

I also got some kind of conditioner (forgot which one), it's good, but I will do research on a good one I can use as a rinse out then a drop more as a leave in that is not too heavy. Any suggestions welcome.

And I got a sample of the Goddess Glaze - I only used it on my long fringe to keep my hair looking silky and so far I like it a lot. I think that along with the Spiral Curls Cream, I will order the Glaze too for humid days or days when I just want my hair to look extra good.

My question is: are these products OK to just rinse out with conditioner? And do they contain a lot of protein (my hair seems to dislike protien big time, especially in conditioners - it rips the hair out of my head when I use a protein conditioner and then try to detangle with my fingers).

I am not on CG but I like the idea of washing only once or twice a week and using conditioner the rest of the time and between my blow drying every day and dying out my gray's I want to baby my hair the rest of the time as much as I can.

I still plan on alternating with the Wella, which since the hold is much, much stronger will come in handy when it's super humid out - it did a good job controlling frizz this past summer and since the hold is really strong, I can also use it as a finisher to hold my hair in place.


Kgrl17 12-07-2006 03:14 PM

I don't know a ton about the Curls products but I know a lot of people have good luck with them. I thought that they were fine for CG and did not build up though. If you look under Curl Products at the top, then go to Product Reviews and look for Curls brand, you'll find the ingredients for each. There's no cones listed that I know of but I'm not an expert on ingredients unless they are cones that end in "xane" or "cone!"

Csarac 12-07-2006 07:23 PM

Thanks! I will check it out...

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