If somebody will tell me how to post these large, rather than as attachments, I will re-post them that way! This is my low to normal porosity, fine hair in Prell (undiluted) on the left showing the cuticle on the surface and also the edges (really shocking)! No wonder sulfate shampoos mess our hair up so much. The 2 on the right are in hot water. There may be some "opening" of the cuticle, but it's not remarkable and that's good because it would cause a lot of damage. Notice that the cuticle only lifts up in the harsh shampoo. I didn't do a soap bar because they're really variable. If anybody would like to request that, I'll do it with a Dr. Bronner's soap bar.
I wouldn't say that warm water won't increase the ability of the hair to absorb (take into its structure) moisture or to adsorb (stick to it) proteins or whatever you'd like. You be the judge of that. I just wanted to show pictures of these too so we all can see how it works.
*Your hair may be totally different than mine -- always worth mentioning!
The pics in which the cuticle looks like shingles is focused on the surface, the ones where you cannot see it are focused on the edges to show any lifting taking place.
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