I need a little help in how to apply this product. I recently purchased Wild Growth Hair Oil yesterday, and I haven't the slightest idea of when or how to apply it.
When I applied last night, after deep conditioning with my honey/tressemme naturals, I applied the oil and it left this white residue in my hair, leading me to believe that one of the products didn't agree with the other. If I had to guess, it was the honey.....ANYWHOOOOOO.....
Here's my routine:
co wash
Leave in
If anyone who has used this product could help me, I'd be more than grateful. Appreciate the feedback.

Low Poo: A/O Tea Tree Poo
Conditioner: Suave Naturals/ V05/ AO Honeysuckle Conditioner
Leave In: KC Knot Today/ Deva One Condition/ Tressemme/ Giovanni DLI/ Jane Carter Leave in Spray
Sealant: CD's Lisa's Hair Elixir/ EVOO
Styler: KCCC/ HE SMU Gel/ Ecostyler/ Fantasia IC/ HE TMS mousse

****I am a Product Junkie, don't judge me ***