joico ice whip mousse

I've seen a lot of raves for Joice Ice Whip mousse. Any more opinions? Does it work well on hair that is dry (not dry-opposite of wet, but dry as in opposite of oily ) I think my hair needs something besides gel in the dry NJ winter weather. Does this moisturize at all? Any pointers for using it?

Thanks for any opinions-at least if I buy it at Ulta I can return it if it doesn't work.

Please take care-
It's no longer called IceWhip, they've changed the name to JoiWhip and slightly altered the formula. While it's not particularly drying, it's not really moisturizing either. You should probably use a leave in conditioner underneath it. Also, use just a tiny bit...a little goes a long way.

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I tried it once over the summer and it completely dried out my hair. I thought it was the proteins in it, but since then Ive used tons of proteins that havent affected my hair at all. Though now Im thinking I just used too much since ab-star said a little goes a long way.

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I am on third day hair with it. I have just run wet hands thru my hair to refresh my hair the past couple days. Diffused a for about one minute on low heat.

I used deva hair conditon and a few other deve products underneath. A little joi whip goes a long way.
And that is huge for me to say because I normally have to use handfuls of product.
Tiny amounts until you get the results you want. Good luck.

Does anyone recommend other products from Joico??

Edited to add that the joi made the difference. It is what is working not my deva products for this third day hair.
I think I could keep going but the idea of not washing my hair is to me!!

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