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katethegreat 12-10-2006 02:37 PM

Does anyone understand this?
This is from the main article:


Ivonne Mercado has bouncy, long 3a curls that lend themselves to glamour. KIrkpatrick created an sexy updo by taking sections of her hair and pinning them back onto themselves. He then used a necklace as a crown.

Can anyone figure out how to do this? "Taking sections of her hair and pinning them back onto themselves."

JolieCurls 12-10-2006 02:45 PM

I've done a similar hair style kind of pull chunks of hair back piece by piece, until it sort of looks like it is in a very loose ponytail by using bobby pins to hold each chunk back... then I take the whole handful of gathered hair (now pinned back and up a little) and kinda of smoosh it into my head and pin (in the shape of a star almost) the curls to my head...I don't know if I'm explaining right, but what I get is an loose updo/curly bun kinda thing like that picture...

Transpogue 12-10-2006 06:49 PM

Yep....and the stylist also twisted the locks as he brought them back to pin to the crown. When I do updos like this, I generally seperate the perimeter of the hair all around from the inside, and pin that(the inside hair) in place at the crown, lock by lock into a high ponytail/bun. If the hair is long enough, I then take the ends from the tail and pin them into the bun. Then I take the remaining perimeter hair and piece by piece twist the lock and pin it directly under the sides of the bun all around. You can do this with any length of hair shoulder length or longer, and from the looks of it, the model had a lot of hair to work with. The stylist also left a few locks hang as tendrills, which is a really beautiful effect. Curly hair creates the BEST updos. They style themselves. :)

Man, now I want to do updos!

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