how to get 2nd day hair?

every time I try to get 2nd day hair, I always get frizz, and my products are really crunchy, my hair feels so yucky, I can't wait to wash it. Can you please tell me your routine for 2nd day hair, including anything you might do the night before. Thanks everyone.
I wash my hair at night now to get extra time 4 sleep..all i do is rake in Re:coil alone or mabye pair it with pink boots.. then i diffuse a lil and thats the morning i might spritz my hair with a lil water to reactive the products , mabye scrunch in a lil more of re:coil or boots and im good to go! second day hair for me doesnt take alot of products or time.
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This time of year I lightly spritz my hair with distilled water or Lavender Mist before putting on a sleep bonnet. When I wake up I spritz it again but more than at bedtime, some people scrunch their hair at this point (but normally I can't do that, I just shake my head real good). When the hair is dry I fluff the curls by putting putting my fingers at the base on the scalp and shaking the hair gently while I bend down.
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