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juvjoy 12-12-2006 08:12 AM

This is J headband!
I just ordered the black wallpaper "This is J" headband. The dragon one I wanted was out of stock.

Anyone have one of these and like it????

Kaia 12-12-2006 08:28 AM

I have the Sakura pink, and I love it! For some reason, I like it better on straight hair than curls though, but I think that's just me. I also just ordered the Vintage Flower White, which I have wanted forever. Here's a pic of the Sakura Pink, and please excuse the dirty mirror. ;)

juvjoy 12-12-2006 09:20 AM

OH how cute!!! Yeah I'm bummed about the dragon one :( I love yours & all the other colors to! I can't wait to get it!


redcelticcurls 12-13-2006 10:34 AM

I have some.

They fit fine, but the paint crackle thing was weird. I felt better after learning that some of them were supposed to crackle to look distressed. I just like a "whole" look better so it bummed me out at first.

juvjoy 12-13-2006 01:30 PM

Oh cute redceltic: Those looks adorable! I'm definitily going to order more, so long as they are comfortable. That's why I'm starting w/ the plain black (and cheaper) one! Ha!


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