anyone try any of the Condish Chronicles products yet?

I tried the Desert Essence Italian Red Grape & the Nature's Gate Asian Pear and Red Tea conditioners. I am on the fence about both because I do find them pretty moisturizing, but I need quite a bit of both in order to saturate my hair. The Nature's Gate seems to detangle better, but neither are that great at detangling.
Originally Posted by OctoberBaby02
Yeah, that's why I consider the DE IRG a good fix if you run out of Too Shea and don't want to have some overnighted, but not cost effective for daily, regular use. The NG APRT does require a good bit of condish too, and I did notice it detangled a little better than the DE IRG did (since the DE is so thick).

I really want to try the C.O. Bigelow conditioner and may purchase it this weekend. Laurabeth, if you see this, did you have a problem with the protein in this conditioner? Or are you not very sensitive to proteins? My hair has a hard time with hydrolyzed wheat protein if it's high on the ingredient list, but it's about half way down the list on this conditioner. I hope it doesn't dry my hair out.
Originally Posted by OctoberBaby02
I have had protein problems before, but usually it's with products left in my hair (a leave-in was particularly bad). I've only had a handful of protein problems with rinse out products (like Tresemme Anti-Breakage conditioner). So I'm not super-prone to protein issues, but I'm not immune either. For someone super protein-sensitive, it's not the best choice except for the occasional special occasion hair.

I was asking where else CO Bigelow and LaCoupe conditioners are sold (besides Bath and Body Works and Ulta), but just saw that they are available on Curlmart. Thanks!
Originally Posted by kjean2
Really? Where?
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