Oily/Sticky scalp and roots! What to do?

Since yesterday my scalp and roots are extremely () oily and sticky and because of this my hair looks terrible.

First a little background information: normally I shampoo my hair 3 times a week, most of the times with poo's that contain sulfates. My hair doesn't mind and low-poo's can't coop with my oily scalp in general. Most of the times I dont use any products, I just let it airdry and that is it. Like once every 2 weeks when I want my hair to look really great I use Curl Keeper, next I pay a lot of attention to the drying process, making sure I got the best possible curls. Once it's completely dry I add some Tweek and that is it.

The last time I did this was Friday; I only washed my hair with water that day (because my hair and scalp still felt clean from the shampoo wash 2 days before), followed by Curl Keeper and later on the day Tweek. I got OK hair that day, but to my own surprice the next 4 (!) days were good hairdays and I didnt feel the need to shampoo.

So yesterday (Wednesday) I shampoo'ed my hair (with Mixed Chicks shampoo) and after washing it out I felt imidiately that my scalp and roots were very oily, sticky and overall they felt greasy. So I used the shampoo another time hoping this would make my scalp clean again, but it didn't. Because I didnt feel like using a sulfate shampoo 3 times in a row I just used a towel and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately the result was terrible, as mentioned above. So today I washed my hair again, this time with Curly Hair Solutions Threatment shampoo because (unlike Mixed Chiks shampoo) this doesnt contain any oils.

Now it is just A LITTLE better and I think I will have to shampoo my hair again tomorrow already

Which products do you advice me? Like 99% of the curl products are made for dry hair and scalp and only make the problem worse.

Is there anyone with the same problem? Advice on how to handle a scalp like mine would be great!

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad English, but I am from Holland so it sometimes is hard to explain well.

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After shampoo'ing 3 times in 5 days my scalp became less oily, but I still would like to know which products I should use from fellow members with the same kind of scalp
What's your hair type and porosity? I have 2c hair, and mine just started getting oilier and oilier until I started moisturizing. My scalp over-produced oil because I wasn't giving it the moisture it needed to stay...well, lubricated! I don't know if that's your problem, though, since it seems your hair doesn't want too much moisture. How moisturizing is your current CO? And do you CO-wash? The conditioner you currently have might be too hydrating for your hair's tastes, and you might want to try something lighter. Post a few of the other products you use and I'll see if I can help you a little more. Sorry I couldn't give you any more advice!
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