Denman Brush and Fine, Thin Hair

Does the Denman Brush work with fine, thin hair or is it better for thicker hair?
My hair is fine but I have a lot of it, so this may not be much of a help, but I use the small Denman that has 5 rows. I have a short bob and I think it works better than the fake Denman I have that is bigger and has 7 rows. That one seemed to make my curls stringier. HTH!
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Me too. My hair is thin and fine, and I just ended up with a head full of strings when I used a denman. It totally ruined my curl definition.
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Anyone can use a Denman - there are loads of ways to use one. I have fine hair and I use a denman in two different ways.

1. I use it before super-soaking in order to help distribute product. (see this thread: ) The 'soaking' helps curls separated by the denman to reclump.

2. I use it when I'm going for more volume (my hair is clumptastic and looks like telephone cords all over my head if I don't break up the clumps). I run it through my hair when semi-dry and then apply product to damp hair.
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