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Do you rinse your hands between each product? I use three products a day (usually a leave in, re:coil and JoiWhip) and I rinse and dry my hands in between each product. Why I have no idea but I do.

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I apply leave-in, recoil, the mousse or gel, and I only rinse after the leave-in. I think it's easier to use recoil on dry hands, so I rinse and dry them. I don't do anything in between recoil and the rest of my products.
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no, I don't with my hair, but I do when I'm putting on face lotion and stuff.
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Yes, I do. I put in SIF then rinse then arc angell then rinse then a bit of aveda pomade.

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I only wash my hands after I apply the leave in. But only because its usually slippery and I don't want the other products to slide out of my hands
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Sometimes, it depends on how gunky my hands are after applying the previous product.
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