Any Recs for a Moisturizing Gel?

Hi ladies! I have recently jumped back on the CG bandwagon, and have been using Deva stuff with Biolage Gelee. I think the Biolage is drying my hair out. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyway, any recommendations for a moisturizing gel? I'm also not opposed to creams.. any recs will be appreciated! I have tried...
Biolage Gelee (used to be HG, not sure what happened)
Angell (It's ok, I don't get consistent results)
Re:Coil (haven't tried this in a while, might have to whip it back out)
Curl Souffle (great for a while, then it was too heavy)

I think that is about it. Oh, and I use SIF and love it! Thanks ladies!
3a-3b (mostly 3b)
Trying a shorter style at the moment, but starting to get the itch to grow it back out.

TR Survivor My TR is all grown out!
Fotki PW: curly
The most moisturizing styler I've ever used is Boots cream, no question.

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