Jessicurl Sampler - Worth it?

I was thinking about getting a Jessicurl trial pack because I haven't tried anything from that line yet. I have been dying to try, but I don't know if it'll work that great with my hair, or even what products to get from there (or if I should get them from there!). Should I go for the trial pack or just get some shampoo and conditioner?

Also, if I DO get a sampler, should I get light or rich? I'm a 3a with some 2b. That would make me think MAYBE I should get light, but my 3a hair is pretty thick.

The ultimate question: Is Jessicurl that good? What're your personal experiences with those products?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth it.
I think that a trial pack is worth it. Her condtioners are very nice quality.

With winter, it probably wouldn't hurt to try out the pack for thicker hair if you tend to be a bit fuzzy right now.

BTW, I love your screen name. But, now I'm saying "wingardium leviosa" in my head.
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I think the trial packs are worth it so you can experiment with what works best for you. I especially love the conditioners, and use both daily (Aloeba with Too Shea on the ends).
I think the sampler is worth it. That way you can try out many products and figure out what works for you. As for light vs. rich, that depends on how much moisture your hair needs. If it's dry and needs a lot of moisture, go for the rich. If it gets easily weighed down and/or overconditioned, I'd go with the light pack.
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The trial packs are worth it. It's a good way to try the products out without a spending a fortune.
I got the Rich... I'm 3A/B-thick& coarse. I really like the HCC (detangles), Too Shea! (leave it in) & Weekly Deep Conditioning. I haven't had much luck with the stylers though-- not enough frizz control for me.

The Jessicurl site has create-your-own trial packs where you pick the products you want to check out.
I agree. Although the products didn't work for me, the sampler gave me a chance to experiment and play. The products for thick and fine hair were too heavy for my hair. I've had far more success with Curl Junkie and Elucence.
Definitely worth trying out. If you need more moisture, go with the rich. I use the Hair Cleansing Cream, Too Shea Conditioner, Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils. I also keep a small bottle of Awe Inspiraling Spray in my purse for touch ups but I really don't have to use it much. The Too Shea is awesome. My absolute favorite conditioner. Originally I liked the Island Fantasy scent better but my Awe Insprialing is Citrus Lavender and I have really been enjoying that lately so I switched over to that when I reordered. Jessicurl is awesome!
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Yay! I think I'm going to wind up getting a trial pack. I'm still split on whether to go for light or rich, but I might just go for rich. Thanks for the input!

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