No Shedding When Detangling

I have been natural for about a month and for the past couple weeks, when i detangle my hair in the shower, there is barely any hair in the comb when i detangle. My hair gets totally detangled, but there is barely any hair. Is this normal or should i be concernd?
You are wondering if you should be concerned if your hair is not falling out? Um..I don't understand the problem here?
No, you shouldn't be concerned. Hair goes through stages... Growing, Intermidate, and Resting/Shedding. If you aren't shedding as much right now perhaps you are in your growing or intermediate stage!

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you can have some of mine...

I shed enough for 6 people..
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Be glad! A lot of us shed constantly! As kurlybrown said, hair goes through stages - clearly you're in one of the non-shedding phases.
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If this happened to me, I'd take a pregnancy test, LOL! The only time mine doesn't shed much at all is while pregnant.
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I wish I didn't shed! I had no clue hair went through stages as mentioned above...

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