Help with products please!!!

Hello, I need serious help with hair products. I have very curly/kinky long hair which I love.
I used to be able to buy the expensive kind of products, KMS, Philosophy, but I can no longer afford those. I have been trying different kinds of drug store products, sally beauty products, but nothing really seems to work. They either don't fight frizz or my curls just seem flat.
Please help! I am open to all suggestions and opinions. Thank you!!!!
Why don't you tell us what products used to work for you, and what your hair routine is? Then maybe we can suggest some less expensive products that are similar.
Garnier Fructis curl and shine conditioners are good for frizz. If you need a heavier conditioner their 3 minute masque makes a nice rinse out too.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
Ok. Well I used to use KMS Curling Gel along with a serum from someone I can't remember. Sorry. So I use those along with Infusium Leave in Treatment and then top it off with hairspray. I always blow dry my hair, with a diffuser. I was my hair about every 2-3 days, usually 3 though cause I get lazy.
Now I still use the Infusium leave in treatment, but now I use serum from Sally Beauty, and a generic Paul Mitchell sculpting lotion. It works okay, but I need something better. Thanks for your help.
So you're looking for curl enhancement?

I can recommend the excellent and inexpensive gels from Herbal Essences new lines. Totally Twisted is a soft-hold gel. Set Me Up and Body Envy both are stronger hold. Both seem to enhance my curls, and neither would weigh down your hair. They are quite similar in my hair, but some people prefer one or the other.

I don't at all care for serums and prefer to moisturize my hair with good conditioners and deep treatments, but of course that's a matter of choice. Serums can sometimes cause flattened curls. I would suggest skipping the serum and seeing how you do. If you still think you need serum, you might try a lighter one like L'Oreal Smooth Intense.

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?
I don't really use a consistent brand. I use Pantene, Biolage, Tresemme, usually whatever is at Target.
But I always get the kind for dry/damaged hair. Just so my hair gets all the moisture it can get. With all of the blowdrying, I know it needs it. Once in a while I will get a shampoo for fine/limp hair. But mainly the dry/damaged kind.
Is there an Ulta near you? Would you be up to trying an experiment?

Ulta carries a brand called Activate. It includes a very gentle, non-sulfate shampoo, and a very moisturizing conditioner. They are not very expensive for good-quality products, about $7 for a 12-ounce bottle. You may find that using a non-sulfate shampoo will be less drying to your hair, and that plus the good conditioner may improve your hair's condition and bring back your curl. (and make the serum unnecessary.)

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