Lots of humectants in Dry/cool weather?

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Okay, so this link tells me for fall/winter climates you need "Rich creams, puddings, custards and leave-in conditioners with lots of humectants'' I'm confused because everywhere else I've read on this site says to keep away from humectants in dry temps because it takes away moisutere from your hair....

What are your thoughts?
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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The past 2 days I left out humectants for the most part. I've noticed a difference. Although, I've also started using my RO as a LI, so I think that has helped. I will be anxious to hear some of the responses to your question...
I leave out humectants as much as possible when the dew point drops into the 30s or below. This does seem to help my hair retain moisture and also causes less frizz than using humectants would in these conditions! I'm anxious to see what other people are doing as well!
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Wondering, do you gals have a list of humectants?
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Humectants are anything which attracts moisture: proteins, acids (like alpha hydroxy acids), polysaccharides (such as aloe vera, flaxseed gel, pectin), glycerin, urea, honey, propylene glycol, panthenol, agave syrup, sorbitol (pretty much any form of sugar).
Humectants are meant to trap water near your hair and keep it surrounded by moisture.

Some people say they get more dry when using humectants in dry weather, that they seem to pull moisture out of the hair. If the air was extremely dry, one might worry that the water belonging to the hair itself might be pulled out by the humectant because there isn't enough in the air. Having lived in very dry, cold places, I can say that dry, cold air alone is bad enough. If humectants seem to dry your hair too much in winter, avoid them.

In really humid weather, humectants suck up a ton of water. Works both ways.

You can use occlusives with humectants (oils or silicones) to trap or seal in the water. That's what is done in hand/body lotion.

My hair is liking FSG with epsom salts and agave, but I'm sure to add a bit of oil to it too and use a LI because I am getting a little dry now that the dews are getting lower and lower. I imagine that's the salt -- not the sugar!
Thanks curlies I will be staying away from humectants now.
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds."-Bob Marley

“There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats”- Pablo Picasso

Here are some good links on humectants.
Curl chemist
Humidity, Humectants and Hair | NaturallyCurly.com
Pittsburg curly blog about temps and humidity

It’s not the humidity, it’s the….. humidity « Pittsburgh Curly
Experiment a bit to see which ones work for you. I have to avoid glycerin in low dew points, but can use other humectants. Last year, another poster was able to use glycerin all winter without issues.
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