garnier fructis triple nutriton vs tresemme naturals for moisture?

i am wanting to repair my recently dry hair by leaving large amounts of conditioner in it.

i have garnier fructis repair and shine conditioner (aka garnier fructis triple nutrition in the US.. i think)

and also:

tresemme naturals conditioner.

which is more moisturizing?
Leave in/rinse out:
Tresemme naturals conditioner
Boots curl creme
Co wash:
Original source conditioner
Garnier fructis repair&shine conditioner

I haven't used GF Triple Nutrition, but I just tried out the Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner yesterday, and it seemed pretty decent. It feels nice and light in your hair for the amount of moisture it gives it -- not super heavy moisture, but an adequate amount. I think the Garnier stuff is supposed to be insanely moisturizing, though, so if your hair needs more hydration, I'd go with that one.
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I think the Garnier for your situation... but both are good conditioners that I use regularly.
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My curls love them both as leave-ins, but yes, I think Garnier is heavier. I feel that Tresemme moisturizes better, so I've been using the Tresemme for the spring / summer months with great success. But, because of the dryer air, I may switch over to Garnier (or maybe alternate them) for the winter. I think because the Garnier feels heavier (oilier?) to me, it may make a better sealant.

(Hmm... more experimentation....)

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aah thank you, usually i use tresemme naturals as my daily rinse out conditioner, but i wasn't entirely sure which one was more moisturising to use as a DT leave in thanks for clearing that up for me!
Leave in/rinse out:
Tresemme naturals conditioner
Boots curl creme
Co wash:
Original source conditioner
Garnier fructis repair&shine conditioner

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