Does anyone apply more product after initially applying?

I've been washing my hair of an evening and sleeping with it wet. However, I've been applying a little more Boots to individual curls after around 2/3 hours of drying (so it's still wet) just before going to bed. I do this if it looks like that curl is starting to frizz.

Just wondering if anyone else does anything similar or if you all just put your products in and never touch it again.

I feel that doing this definitely smoothes out the curl, but my hair's been feeling very dry and I wondered if this is contributing to that even though I use the tiniest bit.
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Yup I do that too, especially for frizz or if I missed gel in any areas that aren't defined. Some of the product seems to soak up or drip off when it's wet so I almost always add more product.
I do apply more product to my hair, after it has finished drying. I like to do this to finish off my style. I do this for the most part on the days that I wash my hair. Usually after I wash my hair, detangle, and apply apply product to it, I will let it airdry. And then onc it has finished drying, approximately 5 hours later, then I just a bit more styling product to my hair, to mak sure that my hair doesn't frizz up or for extra definition.
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Not really, I find that once my hair ir damp/dry if i put more products in it it dries a bit crispy - unless it's a very watery product.

but what I do is wash my hair apply milkshake and spiral cream when my head is upside down, flip up the right way untuck the underneath then smoooth over with my mix of souffle and milkshake. I guess thats the nearest i get to applying more products.
I do spray with more water though if it seems like it's drying not too well.
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When I first started CG I was blessed with quickly finding COs that worked so well for my hair I didn't need styling products but after I lightened the story changed. I began trying a lot of different things that for the most part failed to perform so I often found myself rescuing my curls from total disaster by doing that and other things, like shaping individual curls by wrapping strands around a pencil.
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Depending on the products I've used depends on if I add more product. I have a stubborn dry/curl clump that I usually have to add some more leave-in to once my hair is dry.

Sometimes I have to add a little product to just the ends of my hair for some definition.
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