When you can't get second day hair...?

My stylist usually doesn't get second day hair (IF I understood her correctly) and she wets her hair down in the shower and re-styles.
Does anyone else do this? If so... how many don't use condish - just water?
She and I both use cg friendly products so there is little if any product that needs to be sulfated out.
My hair is one that really likes sulfates. So, when I do poo, I use a sulfate shampoo. I thought the gentle lather shampoo (Jessicurl) would work. It did the first time but then the second time I used it, I got greasy looking hair.
And I rinsed out WELL with very warm water.
So, I had to use a sulfate shampoo that day.
In the summer, I tend to get decent second day hair but not in the winter.

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I never get second day hair. I condition every day, but only "wash" it every other day. So on the off days, I just wet it down and condition.
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I don't get second day hair. I mean, sometimes I skip a condish on Sunday, and if I feel like doing something besides sticking my hair up in a bun, I can usually get it to look *ok*. But I wouldn't feel terribly comfortable going to work like that, lol! Anyway, I condition everyday and co-wash once or twice a week. I can't just wet my hair without conditioner, it would be a rat's nest.
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Summer: DevaCurl No Poo & OneC; CK; Re:coil; BRHG; Honey!!!

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i get second day hair now , before CG i didnt ..on days i dont wash i just respritz with water and thats it . mabye diffuse a lil but my hair/curls pretty much goes well..it seems that my hair is the curliest on second day hair after i sleep on it and reactivate the products in my hair with water.
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I wet my hair in the shower every day because I can't get second day hair. I frequently use just water and no conditioner, and it isn't a problem for me. My hair still seems to comb out rather easily too. Maybe it's due to the leave-in from the day before.
3b/c normally, 3a/b in the winter

I never get second day hair. I wash my hair everyday (with a low sulfate shampoo) and follow with my leave-in and the rest of my routine. On the weekend's I wear a baseball cap. I try not to wash my hair on the weekends.
I wet my hair every day. Two or three times a week I condition wash, the other days I just wet my hair with plain old water.
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