Frustrated with ionconsistent curls

I've been so frustrated with my curls lately. I feel like my curls are never consistent, so I'm either tying them back or blowing them out straight. It's frustrating, because as a professional I want my hair to look nice, and I feel like with my curls I look like a little girl. Once in a while I love my hair and my curls turn out great, but it's not consistent. What works one day, doesn't work the next. I just went through a straightening period where I started blowdrying and flatironing my hair everyday. But I didn't want to damage my hair, so I started wearing it curly again, but I'm finding that I'm trying it back because I don't like the way it turns out. I'm seriously considering going back to blowdrying and flat ironing daily. It seems like less effort, than trying to make my hair look decent curly.
Try taking pictures of your hair for a week. I bet your curls look better than you think. Everytime I think about cutting my curls, or straightening them, I take a photo with my camera's self-timer. Somehow, they look better than they did in the mirror. Embrace your curls, girlfriend. They are so you!
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Wondering what routine you were on I looked at your profile to find some of your previous posts and I noticed one in which you said that over the summer you had a mild chemical relaxer done. That right there is your answer. Don't let the fact that some of your curl returned fool you, that hair will continue to be chemically treated until you cut it all off.

Which brings me to WHY you were not having great success with CG, it was not the products, they can only do so much. And, naturally, the solution is definitely NOT thermally straightening your hair regularly as you've been doing. Years ago when I used to chemically relax my hair with a very mild product that I will assume was similar to the Matrix OS, the instructions clearly specified that NO thermal tools should be used after this process because it would damage the hair. Damaged hair equals loss of curl. Maybe you don't see split ends or have "straw hair" but that doesn't mean there isn't some damage in your hair. So if you don't want things to get worse you really should stop the straightening so you can give your hair a fair chance to recover a bit from all you've put it through.

I also saw again your post about sulfates and, sorry but I had to shake my head. You may want to believe your hair likes sulfates but I know hair structure well enough to tell you with complete assurance that shampooing your hair with sulfates is yet another form of abusing your hair at this point. You should be giving your hair all the TLC in the world and that doesn't include that type of shampoo.

Lastly, don't expect miracles no matter what you use UNTIL your hair has either been remoisturized and/or the processed hair you still have is completely gone.
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It might just be that time of year where our curls frustrate us. I bet they look better than you think.

I had a run in with my water lately. Soft water or hard water will sure confuse you trying to get a good hair day.

Whatever the reason I"m sorry you're not happy with your hair right now. I hope you're loving it again real soon!
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