Anyone try Textureline Curlmemory?

I just saw these products at Ulta today, and I was dying to try them!! But it's always better to ask here first before I waste my money. Anyone know anything about the products?

There's two different types: Spring Up and Spiral Down. One defines and tightens curls, the other one is supposed to make more relaxed waves.
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I've used it but unfortunately, I won't be of much help. My former stepdaughter works at Ulta and gave me a kit that had the shampoo, conditioner, and the Spiral Down. I used this before I found this site. I loved the scent of all the products!

As for the Spiral Down and how it affected my hair, I really can't remember because at that time I was blow drying my hair straight . I don't even remember if the ingredients are CG or would be okay for CG-modified. If they are, I would definitely get it again and try it because of the scent and the feel of the products (very luxurious from what I remember).

Sorry I couldn't be of more help .
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