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juvjoy 12-16-2006 07:28 PM

Asked permission to touch my hair!!!!
Ha ha! Tonight at church an older gentlemen that DH & I know commented on how beautiful my hair was & asked if he could touch it :) I said "of course, I don't care". He wiggled his fingers into it near the bottom & commented how lovely it felt.

Made me feel good :)

unique1193 12-16-2006 07:40 PM

aww dont you just love it when people do that? Not only do that ASK to touch hair, but they also compliment it.

medusahair 12-16-2006 08:01 PM

awwww !

RedheadCurly2007 12-17-2006 03:22 PM

Juv- that was so sweet and complimentary. Great. I know that made you feel good. :D :D

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