Please, help! In desperate need.

Ok, so here's my problem.
I used to have really beautiful, shiny, curly hair. It's been great, and I've always been so proud of it. I didn't have really bad frizz problems, and I got compliments daily...
Now, it's starting to change completely. I've got this stringy, dried out frizz all over my hair, and patches of it just seem dead. I can brush them, condition them, and seperate them, but the patches just dry with no life, and are completely frizzy.
It even looks bad when it's wet. In between the curls, are all these frizzy, dry blobs... The curls don't look like they used to, either.
It's actually starting to look more wavy, than curly, and it's so stringy and lifeless...
I don't know what happened!

I've had to start washing it 6-7 times per week, instead of 3-4, could that be harming it?
I need some advice. Both long term and short. I'm about to wash my hair again now, and I just don't want it to look like this tomorrow!

Products, tips, anything.
Please, my curly haired sisters, this is my hour of need...
does the shampoo you're using have dimethicone or proteins in it? both of those will pull my hair out and make me dry and frizzy. Protein if too much is in there and the other if it's in my shampoo.
Usually frizzy when wet is buildup of some sort. Hard water, protein or cone.
Some can shampoo daily with no problem some can't.
Is your hair better after you shampoo it? Oh and do you use a DT weekly?
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
If that's what that is, than, no... I barely brush my hair, like, once a month... It looks really bad when I brush it...
What kind of routine should I be using? Should I be putting products in when my hair is damp or soaking wet? I thought I knew a lot about my hair, but I feel so lost right now...
Sorry I meant a Deep treatment. Somethign to put some moisture into your hair.
I'm sure you do know your hair. YOu might have gotten ahold of a product that is bad for it or maybe you just need more moisture because of the winter weather.I have to use a heavier conditioner now and Dt more often.
I got ahold of a product with that dimethicone in it and didn't know it and that caused me some upset for a bit. I'm not totally opposed to anything used on hair just for the sake of saying something is always wrong for hair but that stuff just is bad for MY Hair. It's ok say in a styler but in shampoo or conditioner that's a no no for me.

I sure hope you figure out what's going on with your hair soon. I can feel for you.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
What sort of shampoo do you use and why have you had to start washing it so often? It might be that it's getting really dried out from shampooing so much. You could try alternating washing with shampoo and washing with conditioner, where you just scrub the scalp with conditioner like you would with shampoo. I don't use any shampoo at all, except maybe once a month. Many girls on here don't shampoo very often, so you might consider a routine like that.
2c/3a modified CG
HG product: AG Recoil... Searching for others...
HG method: pixiecurl method of drying. I'll never go back!
Could you tell us what products you are using? I'm guessing the frequent shampoo may be drying out your hair, but there might be another product bothering you.

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