choosing a diffuser

i've finally decided to get a diffuser but looking around online makes me wonder what kind is the best?? i have 3b hair but have straigtish roots that need volume and curl, so does it actually make a difference to choose a certain type? i saw some that are like bowls with fingers, another that just has the finger protruding out of the base, or one with no fingers at all just little holes, or a bowl without the fingers.
Any recs will be greatly appreciated , thanx
Very modified CG. Activate and B2B pomegranate Condish. Re:coil, Joiwhip, LOOB, HE set me up and orange bottle. Boots, cant' remember anymore.
In a place where dry and burned straight hair is so common my wild spanish curls are my greatest weapon!
I think the bowl w/ the fingers might work best for you. It definitely can add volume for you & is a popular diffuser.
I will also vote for a bowl with fingers. The fingers are useful for lifting the curls up to generate more volume.

Some diffusers blow my hair around, which I don't like.

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