Not crazy about Jessicurl

I ordered the sample pack and it arrived over the weekend. I was really excited to use it because I've read great things on this board and Jess' hair is just amazing. I have to say though that I'm not really crazy about the results. I didn't really notice an appreciable difference in the condition of my hair between the Jessicurl Too Shea and the Deva OneC, plus my curls are also a lot skinnier than they are when I use the Deva line. There also seems to be more frizz and undefined curls using Rocking Ringlets and Confident Coils than there is using Angell and Set it Free. It could be that I just didn't use enough product (the sample sizes are small and I want it to last ) so I'll try using more tomorrow morning but has anyone else experienced the same with this line?

Just a quick edit:

I do notice that my hair doesn't feel "filmy" like it does on Deva so that's a definate plus for Jessicurl.
While JC doesn't work for everyone and that's just how it is I thought I'd pass along what most people find helps.
You need to use a good palmful of RR usually. CCSS use about 1/3 of that. That ratio is what I mean.
I really love DevaCurl though, I don't think I'll ever be without ONeC and Angell. Lovely stuff.

Good luck experimenting!
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I do get skinnier curls with Jessicurl, and her products don't work for everyone. I got the best results following her directions exactly. Make sure you are applying the products to soaking wet hair. Have you seen the videos on her website where she does her hair? If not, I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. When I used her products the way she shows to, I got much better results than I had in the past.
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Actually, the videos were the reason I ordered the samples! Her hair is lovely.

I'm not ready to give up on it yet, I'll try using more product tomorrow and see what happens.
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i think with any hair care line it is a matter of working it into your routine. there are tons of variables we creating curls and they turn out different every time. nice curls are a matter of commiting to a line of products and then tweaking your routine to get the best results.

there are many reasons to commit to jessicurl and one not so perfect hair day is not reason enough to give up.

anyway good luck with your hair and whatever works.
You know, I just bought a ton of it at a salon and my hair is definitely softer using her line. I got a great discount as they were not carrying it anymore so after I'm done with it I'll have to go on to something else as I can't afford her prices.


I did forget to use it on soaking hair. I've been squeezing out the excess water before I put it on. I don't towel dry at all.

I'll try that tomorrow...
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Her products did not work for me either..I need more hold.
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The styling products are unique and don't work for everyone. I love the way Gelebration boosts the curl in my 3a hair, though I use it under other stylers (gels or creams). The RR/ CCSS combo gave me lovely soft curls but I always had more frizz than I prefer.

I love the conditioners, though, and I never use anything else any more.
I have tried jessicurl many many times and got the same results as you; little curl formation and frizz. I finally gave up and realized that it's not for everyone. Also, when I had orderd her Too Shea, there was a film of mold on the top of it. I was a little turned off by that as well.
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The styling products are unique and don't work for everyone. I love the way Gelebration boosts the curl in my 3a hair, though I use it under other stylers (gels or creams). The RR/ CCSS combo gave me lovely soft curls but I always had more frizz than I prefer.

I love the conditioners, though, and I never use anything else any more.
Originally Posted by SuZen
I've had the exact same experience as Suzen with her stylers. Jessicurl products were the first products I tried back when I first joined and I gave up on them because her stylers seemed to give me skinnier curls and more frizz. Then about 6 months ago and many many hair products later I realized her conditioners were my HGs. I LOVE Aloeba in the summer as my leave-in and Too Shea has completely saved my hair from dryness and split ends this winter like nothing else can. Her DT has seriously improved the condition of my hair and it's the only product I've been using for over a year and am still in love with. Parcipany if you had that kind of experience with Jessicurl products you should email Jess and I'm sure she would replace it for you. Her customer service is wonderful!
My hair got really frizzy when I used the whole line too. Espacially the stylers. I liked the shampoo's and the Too Shea though.

All hairs are different. Some products just doesn't fit my hair, even if they work for others. Gotta find what works.

As you all know, I RAVE about Jessicurl. HOWEVER, the first couple of times I did my hair I wasn't thrilled. It took a few times of figuring out how much R.R. to use for me. I put a huge puddle in, scrunch w/ hands, then micro & then add another little (dime size) puddle & scrunch again. That's done the trick for me and I don't get any frizz at all!

Maybe just experiment a little more - I'd hate to see you give up & miss out on what I've been so happy w/ I don't think I'll ever switch.
I've noticed that her products seem to work much better for 3A's. juvjoy seems to be the exception.
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You may want to put them away until the summer.

I was using Jessicurl stuff all summer and into Sep. The weather was very humid here and the Jessicurl kept my hair frizz free and enhanced my curls slightly without bulking up the volume. Leaves my hair very natural looking and feeling. No producty traces. I loved it.

But once the cooler, dryer weather came, it didn't seem to help much with curl enhancement and my hair seemed thinner and dryer.

Today I used re:coil and Joiwhip and the difference is phenomenal. Much curlier and more volume. I think I need a conditioning styler in the winter. I definately will go back to Jessicurl when the humidity returns.

I still use the Aloba or Too Shea sometimes. And the DT. I do miss the Island fantasy smell.
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An update:

I tried it again today with more product this time. It looks better than yesterday and it's really really soft but I still feel like my hair looks better overall with the Deva line. I think I may just need more hold.

I do however love the Jessicurl conditioners so I think I'll stick with those.

Thanks to all for your suggestions!!!
I have 3b hair with just a little 3a in the back and Jessicurl works well for me. The trick is finding the right amount that works for you. It took me a few days of experimenting with the ratios before I found what works the best. My hair curls well and stays soft with no frizz. Keep trying a few more times before you give up completely. I use two quarter size puddles of RR with a dime size amount of CCSS scrunched in on top. And the Too Shea condish is awesome!
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I didn't have much luck with the styling products; I still use ArcAnGell for that because I need more hold. But the Too Shea! and HCC are godsends.

Maybe your hair isn't oil-friendly? Jessicurl products use a lot of oils.
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I'm a 3b and I love Jessicurl. I do have to layer it with recoil or my curls come out too skinny. I tried it once a couple of years ago and decided it didn't have enough hold for me, but now I've been using it for 2-3 months with consistently shiny, defined, productless feeling curls. Maybe just put it away until a different season then try it again.
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I've noticed that her products seem to work much better for 3A's. juvjoy seems to be the exception.
Originally Posted by CelticCurls
I don't believe that is necessarily true, As are fine-haired and the rule of thumb is "less is more" (as in oils, layered products, etc.). Bs and Cs have thirstier hair and firmer curls (that don't disappear in a heatbeat) so they tolerate all that way better. Besides I've seen what seems to me an equal amount of different types have vaired results, and it's very possible (as already pointed out by a few posters) that some of those that gave up did so a little too soon.

I am 3A and have only used the Aloeba Island Fantasy, I really liked the scent. My results were what I'd call "neutral", not bad but not better than when I'd been using and later on when my hair got longers (and the ends older) it wouldn't detangle my hair. But since I didn't try anything else from the rest of the line it wouldn't be fair to complain and I did use it to the very end.

The only reason I have not purchased any other JC products is because I really do need to stick to a budget, so in good conscience I cannot "splurge" on hair products and they're not exactly inexpensive so as long as I can get by with what I can get locally that's what I have to do. But if I could, I'd probably try all of them anyway because I prefer natural products and it doesn't really thrill me to have to slather on "obscure" chemical brews on my head.

I know this is going off the subject a bit but I just want to add that sometimes we kind of take for granted that those things are not going to hurt us but if we stop and think only of the multitude of cosmetic products we use on a daily basis and that traces of all of them go into our bloodstream, and then we add to that what we get in our food, water and air it's a small wonder hardly anybody can enjoy perfect health for long.
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