do vitamins that claim to promote hair growth actually work?


Well, my subject line says it all Ever since I gave birth to my son seven years ago, my hair grows so slowly. I was wondering if the "hair growth vitamins" like Biotin really do anything.

For some reason I can never get results when I try to use the search function, so I'm sorry if this question has been asked before.

Thank you-
Biotin by itself didn't do it for me but the GNC hair vitamins work well for me. GNC's Ultra Nourishair is what I take. I take it twice a day. I used to try taking it only once a day and it didn't seem to do anything. Twice a day helped though.
There were some others on the boards taking suppliments, hopefully they'll speak up
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I take the GNC UltraNourish Hair vitamins, too. They're very popular and definitely show some results. I only take them once a day, I haven't noticed much of a change in rate of growth, but the new growth is noticably healthier and my nails are SO strong, I can hardly believe it. Maybe I'll try taking them twice a day and see if it makes a difference...
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Believe it or not, I take an otc prenatal vitamin and it helps. My nails grow faster too!
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Yes Hair growth vitamins do work...I used to take Biotin, Silica, MSM, hair growth vitamin, and flaxseed oil pills. When I was taking these I used to get 1-1 1/2 inch of new growth each month..

I stopped taking them because I hate to swallow pills and I was taking a ton of pills each day. I just did not think it was worth it. But if you keep up with them they actually work.
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I had actually picked up the GNC Ultra Nourish today-what a coincidence!

I noticed the dosage is two pills daily- If you take them once a day, do you take both pills at once? Or just take one pill daily? Can you still get results with one pill? I'd hate to go through a bottle a month since a bottle is ten dollars.

Thanks for your help!
I believe in Hair Vitamins, and Biotin as well. I have been taking a Vitamin B12 with folic acid for several months. That seemed to make my hair much healtheir, less staticky and shiny. Now I have been taking the following vitamins for about 2 mos.
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair, sustained release I take these twice a day and I am pretty certain that my hair has grown a little over 2 inches since. It is growing like a weed. I know the CG routine is helping. Massaging the scalp will help. I have heard different testimonials but the types of oil used are jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. I also found a specific oil recipe on the site. What I use is olive oil every few days. It increases circulation. Another product I used in the past and worked great is as follows:
Capilong PSB/35 It stimulates growth at the root of your hair. I bought it when my hair was in a bad state, falling out and thin, and breaking. It made my hair grow. I preferred the old formulas with
Stage 1, and Stage 2 but they mixed the formulas into one bottle now. I am going to order more. If you want to know where to get it I found this little promotion card-1-800-770-1155, ext:901. It costs $13.88 for a 4 oz bottle. That lasted me at least 2 mos. You can alos find ads in Hair Magazines, that is where I found it initially. Good luck everyone.
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I took GNC Hair, Skin & Nails supplement for about 5 months, and I do think my hair grew faster while on them.

However, I also experienced the most dramatic bloating that I'd ever known. While I can't directly tie it to the supplements, when I cut all the supplements out of my diet (which included a vitamin B supplement as well as magnesium and calcium), my bloat disappeared.

So I'm personally not a big fan of supplements. I should say, though, that I eat a pretty varied diet, at least as compared to most Americans these days. I don't think that I need any.
I do the GNC ultra nourish hair and the GNC women multi vitamins. I think that it has helped the health of my hair and body. Also make sure you are eating a pleanty of protein!
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Thanks, everyone!

I am going to try to eat healthier-I know that should help my hair also.

Take care,
I can add this: NOW brand Derma Vits Hair, Skin & Nail formula did nothing for me (I used all 90 capsules). The formula has MSM, silica, B vitamins & amino acids. I also do omega 3 supplements and a multi vitamin daily.

So I would try the brands recommended above.
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I'm a former "GNC Hair Skin Nails" user and it worked tremendously for me! They also helped my nails grow faster and stronger. I didn't really notice a difference in my skin. As for my grew FAST and thick. I had just ended a really stressful time when I started taking the suppliments.
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My Rite Aid has a GNC store inside and they have the GNC Hair Skin and Nails bottle of 120 tablets on sale for $14.99. (regular price $17.99) I would guess this price is also in effect in the regular GNC stores.

Thanks everyone-
Since the end August I have been taking:
1 Women's One a day
1 500 mg tablet of Silica
1 1000 mg tablet of MSM (apparently increases the length hair will grow to)
1 500 mg Evening Primrose oil softgel capsule
1 500 mg FlaxSeed Oil softgel capsule
2 600 mcg Biotin tablets
2 GNC NourishHair Tablets
2 Calcium Chews (But that's really for the Calcium not my hair)

My hair has grown over three inches (double the amount that hair grows on average)
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Well i finally picked up the ultra nourishair today , been hearing about for months on this board , i ran out of my other hair vitamins i was trying out since aug. wanted to try this for a while now , wasnt bad price for 60 tablets at $9.99 , my other vitamins were the same price for 60 tablets too.. i was gonna get the i think 120 for $16.99 but i decied to try the 60.. and when it calls taking it twice a day i only take it once a day , even with other vitamins i always take a lower dosage, figures it also last me longer too.
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Any hair & skin supplement should be taken in conjunction with a good general daily multi vitamin. Look for those Hair & skin formulations that contain:

a full day's supply of Biotin, MSM, B12 and B5 (Pantothenic Acid) in the same formulation.

A good general multi vitamin brand to try is:
Essential Nectar (has over 200 vitamins & minerals)

5MG Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (B5) and liquid MSM can be found at:

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i take just the ultra nourishair for now , im a healthy person so i eat lotts and plenty of veggies and salads and all that good stuff everyday . im the only one in my family who eats more of that then they do drink water too so i dont wanna take too much of a vitamin , i hear u can over do it by taking too much of a vit and also over do it with vit A too..i took another type of hair vit for a few months, was also a good everyday vit too and was fine but also had great balance meals too. the ultra nourish has good dosage of vits and such.
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This reminded me of a post at the Long Hair Community that became famous years ago: Bargello's Vitamin Regimen.

I highly recommend Kal's Super Silica Plus with MSM, I was already taking all kinds of vitamins and minerals because I'm a "supplement freak" but that's what really did it for me. I had lost a bunch of hair that was not growing back and on my 2nd bottle of this I started to see the little hairs growing back - I learned about it here, btw, in a very long and old thread about growing hair fast. I still take it periodically because my thyroid problems (and menopause) tend to make my hair get thin and finer than it normally is. Silica is also good for skin, nails and bones, here's a really good article about it:
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HalfWavy/Half Curly,

It's interesting to me that you mentioned thyroid problems. I have hypothyroidism, and I've wondered if that's a reason why my hair isn't growing as quickly as it used to. I've been taking medication for it since I'm twenty (I'm thirty seven now). I do keep up with the lab work to make sure I'm taking the right dosage of thyroid meds.

Take care,
Hello! I am taking GNC Ultra Nourishair, otc prenatal vitamins (I'm not pregnant!- these are awesome vitamins), and calcium. Sometimes its hard for me to remember to take them but I remember most days. I have noticed that my hair has been growing pretty well. The only thing is that ever since wearing my hair curly, I feel like it takes longer for me to notice the growth. I haven't straighted my hair in 6 months and I was pleased to see the difference in growth the other nite when I had my husband stretch a curl and point to its length along my back. Earlier in the year I had my hair cut up to the bottom of my ear lobe. now its a few inches past my shoulder. I've been taking the vitamins since October.

I took hair vitamins daily, back in 2004 and I noticed a tremendous difference in length. My family and coworkers also noticed too. So yes, I do believe that hair vitamins work.
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