How to get volume at the roots with making more curl?

Plopping doesn't work for me because it causes too much curl at the roots and the front. How can I get volume but not curl?

2c, 3a and 3b combined. I think anyway
Love Activate poo, Jessicurl too shea and aloeba as a leave in, Curls spiral cream(old version) and milkshake!!
I do all my rinsing, applying & scrunching upside down. Then when I diffuse I hang my head from side to side, pushing the fingers in the diffuser all the way to my scalp! It really helps w/ volume but doesn't make the top looks all waggly!
have you tried using clips at the roots as you allow it to dry?
3b, CG method
BC 6 February 2016 and growing out. . . again!

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