pH of hair products and the effect on our hair....

Lately I've not been happy with my hair. I don't know, I've just gotten sick of using gels. leave ins, etc. since I don't like producty hair anyway.

So just for something different I've been mixing in a bit of lemon juice into my conditioner and what a difference! My hair was shiny, soft, and bouncy. And I did not put product in it either. Granted, I'm more of a wavy, but nonetheless I noticed a huge difference.

So, in dork fashion, I recently tested the pH of many of the hair products I had lying around in my bathroom. (Yes, I own litmus paper...) What was interesting is that some of the leave ins, detanglers, gels, etc had a pH of closer to 6, which is not optimal, considering hair ranges from 4.5-5.5, though closer to 4.5 is better to close the cuticle. Even a few products tested higher than what the manufacturer said. For example, the slip detanger I have from CHS that is supposed to "close the cuticle" tested out at a pH of 6. I always wondered why it never performed as expected on my hair. Maybe this is why. Recently I tried Garnier Fructis leave in conditioning creme, and was surprised by how much I liked it. The pH was 4.5, closer to human hair (4.5-5.5). From what I read in on old Curl Chemist article. the optimum pH of hair may be closer to 4.0.

And most of my gels were closer to pH of 6, maybe that's why I find them so drying on my hair. KCCC interestingly was 4.5. Maybe that's why I like it a lot. I think I have porous hair, but I did the hair sample thing with Tiffany and I'm waiting to find out what my hair properties are for sure.

I wonder why some of these products have pH levels that are not as close to hair. I know cleansers tend to be higher, and conditioners theoretically are supposed to be more acidic to close the cuticle.

But some are moreso than others and that's why some products work better than others for me.

Any comments on this? Does anyone else notice this on their hair? I never paid much attention before.

Hair Type - medium to fine texture, high porosity, lots of it, type 2b/3a

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ok so it looks like Im 3 months late in replying to this lol. But you know, I am also just now considering the pH of my products.

I avoided looking into it just because I felt that was not something I should worry about (or that it was going too far in trying to find ways to tame my hair lol).

But a few days ago I just started looking into it and now I want to buy some pH testers (go figure O.o).

I too noticed that some of my products work better for me than others and I've realized that pH is the chemical reason. On youtube some people noted the pH and I was surprised that the products that worked better for me had lower pH levels.

I was comparing shea moisture to Miss Jesse's and shea moisture would always win as far as softness and moisture. shea moisture ranked at a 6 and yet gave me these results.

So I figure if I get a product in the hair's range, I would really see some great results. Thus my new pH journey begins lol
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