what sort of hair do I have?

I know it is an over-asked question, but it seems like I have a couple of the different types on the main list on the home page. It looks a Lot like Sandra Oh's hair, though it frizzes a lot. It's sorta curly towards the ends, is rather flat at the top and has s-shaped curls. So 2B there. But it also has a few locks that spiral up, and a few of the esses kinda fold over like they are trying to curl the rest of the way, and towards the end the curls get a bit tighter and not so wavy looking. So that would say a 3 response of some sort(though it is probably too thick to be a 3A)

Hm, my pics aren't good, since my phone/the lighting in my room aren't good, but you can sorta see the way my hair is(nice and not well cared for)

This one shows one of the corkscrews and a bit of how a lot of it looks with the waves that twist a bit. And a lot of the frizz.

These two sorta show how it is towards the back. Somewhat wavy, somewhat curly, a lot frizzy.

Your hair looks 3b to me. You just have some parts that are coiling tighter than others. Was that a picture from a phone or is your hair blue? Lovely curls
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
I would say 3b also.
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Okay. Thanks. The picture was from my phone, and the brightest light in the room is my reef tank, which has a nice blue light over it My hair is dark brown. I love those curls. Just need to get them in shape, hence my reason for coming here
Your hair is great! It will be even better w/ some TLC I can't wait to see it!

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